's Two Scam Voting Bot Who doesn't Vote Always!

in steem •  7 months ago

1. @emperorofnaps

3 days ago Transfer 7.670 SBD to @emperorofnaps for votes i am still waiting for my votes and i did not get any vote from @emperorofnaps you can check in screen shot and also you can click in my profile wallet and check all history. i tag them to check but i still i did not get any kind of response. there is not post complain ticket option or contact if there is any issue. you can only tag them.

i am really disappointed thats why today i just withdraw my all balance becouse i don't want to lose more money. this voting bot is totally useless and scam.

@emperorofnaps bot said invalid bids automatically refund but i never get votes or refund 😡 they are also doing votes to some people becouse i checked but they did not give me any vote and i am very sure there is more people who did not get votes from @emperorofnaps. just telling you guys be careful about this bot. i used @emperorofnaps before and it was working but this time they cheat me!


2. @upme

i paid 20 SBD to @upme to yesterday and still waiting for my votes. guys i swear never trust these bot. only use's 2 main voting bot @minnowbooster and @smartsteem. if there is any issue with your post these two bots refund instant but other all bots is useless when they will cheat you nobody knows.

for new steemian recommend never use other bot but if you know someone personally then you can use otherwise never!

you can see @upme also saying invalid bids automatically refund and you will never get refund! @upme still voting to people but remember nobody knows if you are lucky one or not. if anyone here who dosen't trust me please click to my profile wallet and check the history with correct calculation.

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thanks alot dude.....

Thanks for the information brother.

Your article is really and alarm against scammer still am very new in this platform so this will surely help me to loosemy coin. And also good knowledge for those who just jump into using bottracker- thank you @mediawizards


be careful with these bot brother.


Nice post bro

Really informative... Keep up the good work

wow nice concept bro..

Very interesting topic brother. ..keep going


thank you. keep supporting me @pushkarrr

Thanks borther it will be more helpfull to all


you are absolutely right brother!

thanks for the info.


you are very welcome @vital-bd

Thanks for sharing was really disappointing


you are right @omosomofa brother.

Thanks for sharing with us.


you are very welcome @moinece36

Really helpful.. I'll keep a check

Nice info thanks for share

Thank you for your information! how many times they did it?


@somenath30! 1 time each voting bot.

very helpful for beginners like me


this is kind of warning brother, be careful..............!

Great ... keep going


Thanks Alot @krevasilis brother!

nice keep it up bro👍👍👍


thanks alot brother, keep supporting me!

Great informations.


thank you so much!

Thanks @mediawizards I was planning to invest in bots. But you gave me an idea that all bots are not so cool. Thanks for that.


@minnowbooster and @smartsteem both are nice bot you can use them. 👍

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thanks for valueable information ..
but i use @minnowbooster ..
i didnt rwceive upvote yet ...


i always got votes from @minnowbooster . it works for me

Thank you, goodinformation


you are welcome @tuhin100

thankuu for sharing this article.. it really helpfull.. and beaware from fraud


you are welcome dear.

thank for the advice bro


your welcome brother.

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Dude use good and high repo bots who have good steem power search on youtube or google u will find the right one :)


right brother , i just made mistake to chose fake one!

Well you did a nice piece of work


thanks alot ogaga!

Thanks for share this information. Success.


you are very welcome!

Good content bro I am following you please help me grow in this community by following and upvoting my contents of you like


sure brother!

Thanks for this information. I also sent some SBD to @emperorofnaps for months now, up till today no vote. We need to make an awareness of people like this.

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nice info and great article, thank's

Dear your post is very informative... it provided me lots of info. related to bots. keep going..

thanx for info

Thank you for sharing your experience and regret what happened I hope that from now on everything goes better about it

Thanku for information

very well written post keep it up @mediawizards

its really very informative... very good bro well done :))

thaks for that information.

Thank you for your information! how many times they did it?


This very helpful for the community!Keep it up! @mediawizards

Thanks for such valuable information

This is very bad practice. These issues can effect the people trust on steemit.
Management should take action on that.
Thanks brother for providing us such a great information.

this information is so lovely there is alot of them without grass rout I love kryptonia they work with steemit