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RE: Building a high availability steemd node for web apis

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So is this essentially, in comparison too to ethereum, we can designate our own node and build whatever I want on top of it? say a petshop? what about ICO's is there capability to write ICO's to interact with the main STEAM network via the node? or vice versa?

are there any frameworks developed like solidity but for STEEM

I am trying to get a handle on the capabilities, tools, and resources. I would like to help getting to develop new tech and possibly help with new deployment frameworks on top of this network I have a good feeling this platform is going to blow up in a short amount of time.


Well, you could, but you're still limited to the capabilities of Steem itself.

Steem itself doesn't actually have a smart contract layer - so you can't write consensus based logic. It's primarily a content (posts) store with voting mechanisms to surface content.

Currently the platform has ballooned as well, and this article is severely out of data. To run a "full node" on the network now requires something like 270GB of RAM, which can be trimmed down slightly by using some of the filtering options. For example, I built a forum interface on top of Steem (, and the Steem API node behind that is currently sitting at 54GB of RAM.

steem-python and steem-js are the two primarily libraries that most people use at this time to interact with the chain, both available under

We have a discord chat running for steem developers, if you're interested in chatting/asking more questions, feel free to join!

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