How to Win 500$

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How to Win 500$
STEP 1. Earn $2 & buy 10 Rented Referrals (RR)

First 15 Days
By clicking all ads, you may earn $0.025 – $0.03 per day.
Ojooo Wad ( minimum balance transfer from “Current Balance” to “Upgrade and rental balance” is $2. So, Save your money until your earning become $2. It may take 1–2 months depending upon ad clicked but keep patience.
When you make $2, transfer the money to “Upgrade and rental balance and buy 10 Rented Referrals. Rent fee for one RR is $0.02.
After you buy 10 Rented referrals check each Rented referrals click average. Set Ojooo Wad ( on for the Rented Referrals which click average is higher than 1.5. (if lots of your Ojooo Wad ( Rented Referrals become inactive frequently. Autopy off. And just let them auto recycled by the system.)
If your Rented Referrals click average is high, you will earn approximately $0.20 per day (Your clicks $0.03 + Rented Referrals Click $0.17)
STEP 2. Expand your Rented Referrals Until 100 Rented Referrals

After 10 days, can rent 10 more referrals. You can earn $0.37 per day. (20 RR)
The following week rent 10 more referrals. You can earn $0.54 per day. (30 RR)
The following week rent 10 more referrals. You can earn $0.71 per day. (40 RR)
The following week rent 10 more referrals. You can earn $0.88 per day (50 RR)
Expand your Rented referrals until you have 100 Rented referrals.
STEP 3. Upgrade Membership

When you have 100 rented referrals, you can earn around $1.5 per day.
The Maximum number of Rented Referrals for standard is 100. To rent more, you should upgrade.
Save them until you can have enough money to upgrade your membership.
For Example, Ojooo Wad ( Premium Membership is $39 dollars per year. When you buy it, the income will be doubled.
The commission for each click become doubled, when you upgrade membership.
Save your money util you have $99.
Upgrade your membership to Premium+ ($39 per month) and then Rent 300 Rented referrals ($60)

Rent more. When you have 1000 rented referrals, your earning will be $10 per day.
Now we achieved our goal, $10 per day. If you want to earn more, follow the next Step.
STEP 4. Resume acquiring Rented Referrals until 3000 Rented Referrals

when you had 1000 Rented Referrals, you are earning $300 per month
2000 Rented Referrals will not take long.
When you have 3000 Rented referrals, your daily earning is $30
Upgrade to VIP ($99 per month ) You can rent up to 5000
When you have 5000, you can earn more than $2000 per month.?
Ojooo Wad (

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