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Blockchain Update 4: Resource Credit Implementation Details

in steem •  4 months ago

Maybe or maybe not... but if DPoS is flawed and is way ahead of the number of users that any other blockchain out there can handle... Are you saying the BC technology is fundamentally flawed??

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When your blockchain seizes up because its designed to throw an exception and FREEZE, I'd say you have a fundamental engineering flaw.

DPoS is a flawed technology. Steemit hasn't been pushing it hard, because frankly user retention sucks, so if Steemit ever gets any appreciable amount of traffic - the whole thing will implode.

Its easy to claim you're doing "great" when nobody is really using your technology. This whole house of cards will fall apart if any real amount of users started interacting here.


But still.... It is orders of magnitude better than anything out there...
Are you saying "lets go home, this block-chain effort is doomed?"
Or do you see a better alternative?


You're not really adding anything to this convo, and I have a rule about a few hops down from the parent conversation.

Time-To-Live on this one has expired. You believe whatever you want.