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Steem is very important for many bloggers as well as for those who love photography, music, games because this has been an important part of the main platform called Steemit, a platform that has taken on a lot of importance over the years, since they are more users that join it, not only because of the great content found in steemit but also because this has been helpful for many users especially the Venezuelan community that has been in difficult times, but this is not the issue that it comes to talk because we talk a little more about steem.


Steem is the cryptocurrency that is behind several projects that have been emerging and taking strength with the passing of months, steemit is the main source of steem for users as they write their content can be voted by users who have steem power, which is the power they have to reward writers.

How else can steem be earned? There are several applications that can help you multiply and redeem your steem, there are applications based on steem as it is Steemmonters, partiko, says games among others.


Benefits of steem

It is a cryptocurrency that has been increasing its value with the passing of the months.
Easy to achieve by creating good content on the networks.
Easy to convert to other cryptocurrency

What should I do to earn steem?

Simple steps that must be performed, initially you must create an account in, create a username, email and a phone number and wait for the account to be approved in about 15 days, there are other ways to Create accounts in steemit but pay way. If you want to know more


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