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RE: Method to the Madness - Vulture Capitalism Comes to the Blockchain

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@v4vapid it is like you took your time to do more vulnerable researches on this Vulture Capitalist which I think is the best drama scene tittle for the current Steem situation.
I used most of my time to read alot of articles written on Justin Sun, Tron foundation and more but the bottom line is that we need to stick together as a community to battle this ruining situation.

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Thanks, yeah I like to do research, not sure if you meant to use'vulnerable', but i think stepping back and trying to see what's happening from another vantage point can really help to better understand the situation any situation. People are very emotional about this, myself included, so it took me a while to put these ideas down in a post. I hope that by better understanding the situation we can make more informed decisions on how to fix it. Cheers, thanks for the comment!

You are a good researcher and I think I will have to work with you as well. I love when someone view a situation from another perceptive of life and also finding solution from another angle too.

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