Is it time to get rid of Steemcleaners and others like it

in #steem3 years ago

So today i had an accounter with @Steemcleaners

In my opinion, they bring 0 value to steem and if anything takes value from steem since they go around abusing steem with their massive downvote.

I believe that they are nothing but a bullying harassing dictator.

You try to challenge them then they hide behind their downvote and dont respond.

It is my belief that steemcleaners and others need to be stopped they are a threat to steem and the right of expression.

We either need to come up with some way to block them or to devalue their vote. It is totally unacceptable to have one entity being allowed so much power and to dictate to others what they can and can't post.

I am very disappointed to see such an entity on steem and yet no way to defend yourself against their attacks.

I dont care wither they attack this post however i do think that this needs to be talked about and for people to stand up for themselves and not to be ruled by someone who hides behind a downvote.

Is this really what we want people looking at steem to think that you have to bow down to these people.

I am not expecting to make anything from this post as expecting to be targeted however what i do what to show is just by having a different view can get you targeted by these people if they dont agree with you and we must come up with a way to defend ourselves.

The only thing i did was use a site called TypeEarn not even on a daily basis as there are gaps that is on steem. I even added in my own breakdown since it didn't do it for me and they disagreed and didn't like the content i posted and mass downvoted. The way they have behaved is that i am some sort of bad person doing things on here when i am just your average Joe.


I would say yea but I’m scurred

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