SteemWhitePaper is one heavy piece of literature...!

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Hello Steemians,

I just finnished reading the Steem WhitePaper. A very compelling and interesting paper, but the problem is that my goal was to understand Steem better, which I now do, but I have equally as many new questions as I had when I started reading. This topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies has me burning the midnight oil. I can already kind of visualize and play around with the idea of how this is going to disrupt everything and how everything is going to change on the blockchain. The implications of these new blockchain technologies are wondrous and my goal is to be apart of this transition.

I absolutely love the idea of an incentivized social media platform, that rewards valuable content contributions. In my opinion this is the biggest problem with existing social media channels is content overload! Your feed is getting spammed with grumpy cat, doge, crasher squirrel etc. so that my feed looks like a fucking Zoo of irrelevant content. The point I'm coming towards is that I think Steem could have a solution to this problem. The biggest advantage I think Steem has is the possibility of voting on comments. I think this is one of the most crucial parts of ensuring some level of quality in the discussions and this feature could possibly limit unnecessary haters. It will be interesting to see what happens when people start coming in and content becomes more diverse and we start seeing various influencers in different segments etc.

Still new to this stuff and got lot to learn. Just wanted to share few of my initial thoughts. I'm mainly focusing on consuming all the marvelous content available, but will occasionally share some ideas. Hopefully in the future I will find my own way to push this movement forward. More about that later.

Wish you all the best,



I need to read it again, I read it right at the beginning, it'll be interesting to see if I understand more than 30% of it this time around. :-)

Yes I'm also reading it a few times over:)

I've read it many many times. Still absorbing it.

but the problem is that my goal was to understand Steem better

Fair warning, you'll likely have to start over soon when the rewards method is changed.

No problem, this will be a long journey

Welcome Martin,

I looked over a bit of it. What stood out to me was that crab story. Apparently crabs are jerks.

Yes, the crab story is a great reflection of humanity.

I hear you. I've lost sleep every single night, now 7 days in a row, as one thing leads to another question, another thing, layer by layer, setting up a Coinbase wallet........the list is endless and the sleep....nonexistent. Wait till you've been here a solid week! There's a ton to learn, but, you made it here. You're closer to your dreams now.

Thanks, all the best to u:)

Out of chaos comes order, we are at he chaos phase. That zoo comment was awesome though. But what is promising is that the whole movement is bottom up, the way it should be. Well done Dan and Ned and all Bithsares community.

Thank you for the zoo part. Interesting to see how and where Steemit and Bishares will develop within a few years.