Make Your Own CryptoCurrency (Video Tutorial)

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Do you feel like making your own Currency? Do you want a way to earn STEEM faster? Do you want to help Stabilize STEEM's value?

If you create a currency, then create a Website where people can trade your currency for STEEM, you could be giving out $50 rewards with your upvotes faster than is even possible right now. Because the Bitcoin Source Code is Public Domain, everything that STEEM is built on is public. You could create a BitCoin Clone, or an Ethereum Clone, or a NameCoin Clone, or a DarkCoin Clone, and have its sole purpose to be as a trade instrument to trade against STEEM. This would help the STEEM community in 2 ways. First, it would decentralize Steemit further than it is now, the more people who have high STEEM Power, the more decentralized the platform will become, and if there is a Coin that is easier to mine than STEEM, it may bring more Mining minded people to STEEM than there are now. They would mine your Coin, and then use that to buy STEEM Power, rather than building STEEM Power by posting content, then they would also get to decide what content got upvotes, which decentralizes the voting power. Second, if there are Altcoins being used as trade instruments against STEEM, that makes STEEM more and more stable. STEEM users can move back and forth between STEEM and your currency in times of volatility, which will help take pressure off of STEEM during these times, while also giving investors a safe haven.

If you create a STEEM based Currency, you can even call it STEEMB or STEEMX or New STEEM or STEEM Pesos or STEEM Cents or STEEM Shells or STEEM Credits or STEEM Bars or STEEM Shares or STEEM Bills or STEEM Bonds or STEEM Gold or STEEM Silver or STEEM Copper or STEEM Diamonds (STEEM Diamonds should be extremely hard to mine, or have extremely small block rewards), you could call them whatever you want. Just make sure you post your New coin in as many places as possible so that people can start mining it, and post it here on Steemit and on the Bitcointalk websites Altcoin forum, as well as any other Bitcoin or Altcoin forums you can find. And the more Coins there are in the STEEM Ecosystem, the more stable STEEM itself will be.

(These are not my videos, I just found them and am sharing them for anyone who wants to create a coin)

Episode 1:

Introduction / Explanations / OS Setup / Cloning

Episode 2:

More cloning and generating merkle root

Episode 3:

Hashing the genesis block

Episode 4:

Creating some "artwork"

Episode 5:

Compiling for Windows and uploading to github

Episode 6:

Seeing it all running and pool starting

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