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RE: Hate putting private keys into websites? Introducing Steem Keychain!

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Hi, I wrote a post a week or so ago on how losing between 0-100% of curation rewards to the pool when you upvote a comment within the 15 minute window is an annoyance if you want to upvote comments in a live comment thread. Very often, I write something and get a reply back almost immediately (or in a time much, much shorter than 15 minutes). I'm big on monetizing engagement. But under the current rules, my upvoting immediately means my rewards go back to the pool instead of my conversation partner. That sucks but is easily remedied with 15 minute or so delay in broadcasting upvotes on a comment. Too often I forget to come back to upvote comments in conversations that I've had. It's also annoying to to have to wait and go back to a conversation to upvote. It's even more annoying to effectively lose part of your SP by upvoting immediately.

If websites are to integrate the Steem Keychain in such a way as to have it not only sign transactions but broadcast them on their behalf, I wonder if it would be a good idea to implement an optional 15-minute delay on Steem Keychain?


Wow so immediately upvoting a comment is essentially nothing but a waste of voting power?

Seems like a great UI feature would then be to have a time slider on the upvote menu in addition to the power slider. Therefore, I could upvote at 55% power in 13 minutes.

It's only the curation reward portion that gets burned (max 25% of the vote value if the vote is immediate). The other 75% still goes to the author as intended.

Will we be able to do custom transactions directly from the extension? I want do operations without middlemen. Steem-plus takes 5% mandatory beneficiaries if you launch beneficiaries from their extension. I want to create a more flexible tool but if you're doing it in your extension I can calm down about that.

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It's a waste of curation rewards. Let's say you exchange comments with someone and upvote each other's comments immediately. Before HF20, neither of you would get curation rewards for the comments because the author (your conversation partner) would get them. Now the curation rewards go back to the pool. Neither you nor your conversation partner get any curation rewards. Easily fixed with no hardfork by delaying the broadcasting of the upvote by 15 minutes, in which case the upvoter gets all the curation rewards.

Seems strange to implement that, dunno why you want people to burn things for voting too early. Is this explained somewhere?

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Before HF20, many authors would upvote their own posts immediately in order to minimize the curators' cut. Now that curation rewards from early upvoting go back to the pool instead of the author, immediate self-upvoting has become a loss-making strategy.

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Hmm, I now vote at 12min because most of the votes start coming at 13min. Am I breaking something? 😭

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You're doing the right thing by frontrunning at 12 min if what you're frontrunning is big.

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