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The global reward pool will be needed for a long time to come because it is an important part of how the ownership of stake is continuously decentralized. Decentralizing ownership of stake is of supreme importance.


Lol, I like it.


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You are the best proof that we need to get rid of the global rewardpool :-)

You have concluded that I have sold everything. How do you think doing such a think can hurt the stake distribution?

The only reason you are against people selling their earned STEEM is because you want no one else to sell so that the fiat price of your speculative investment in STEEM would remain as high as possible for you to sell at your convenience. You believe the value of your investment would be safer with less STEEM entering into circulation. I'm afraid you are mistaken. The stake distribution on Steem is still such that the chain can still be taken over by whoever controls Steemit, Inc's stake.

If you want your money to be safe, you should hope for a massive new inflationary spike like during the last bull market when a massive quantity of SBD was created during the price spike, not all of which has even been converted into STEEM, yet. There's still over seven million SBD in existence, which puts the virtual supply 33 million STEEM higher than the total supply. One way or another, STEEM inflation will find itself in the hands of new owners and that is vital.

The only insurance against Justin Sun doing what he said he was going to do in his first tweets after the Steemit, Inc purchase, which was basically to have STEEM swapped for a Tron-based shit token (and the Steem blockchain dismantled), is for the inflation to continue at a high rate so as to render Steemit, Inc's stake proportionally small enough to not pose danger. The SPS funding which is in SBD and the SBD rewards will do just that particularly at higher STEEM price levels and that is a damn good thing.

Getroffene Hunde bellen. qed.

The truth is that you have no counter arguments against the argument against disposing of the STEEM reward pool that I put forward, which was that the STEEM reward pool must continue to distribute STEEM to make the stake distribution more decentralized to make the chain more secure against hostile takeover attempts. That is literally demonstrated by this exchange because if you had arguments, you'd have presented them already.

The truth is that I don't give a shit about the opinion of someone who has cashed out 90% of his STEEM. Go, enjoy your life.