Cryptocurrency Steem: In A World Of Cryptos, This Is The One To Watch. By Gregory Mannarino

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**I am on public record stating that "Steem is a hidden gem of cryptocurrency," and I believe that more now than ever.

Have a look at this chart below.


I can say with a relative certainty that the price action of Steem will follow it's current trajectory into the foreseeable future moreover, I would not be surprised to see it's price action accelerate higher faster.

I my opinion the price action of Steem has no where to go but higher in this environment. (As with any asset, it's price action can be expected to fluctuate on a short term basis).

The future upward price action of Steem can be attributed to the platform Steemit itself, which I believe and have also said publicly, is "the future of social networks."

In short, the cryptocurrency Steem is earned by posting, and commenting on content added to the social network (Steemit). If you want to join Steemit for free click here:

In my opinion an investment in Steem today is almost a no brainer, and has major growth potential moving forward.

**the current value of my Steem wallet is $138,825.43

*As with any investment always do your own research. Investing in Steem, or any asset, has risk and you could lose your entire investment. Always invest wisely.

Visit my website where you will find LIVE charts of Steem and other cryprocurrencies. Click here:

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I am with you in the fact that STEEM will most likely be one of the biggest altcoin movers these next few months! Its forming a bull flag/symmetrical triangle breakout right now and with this token and BTC becoming more mainstream I see both being capable of uptrending soon.

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“In my opinion the price action of Steem has no where to go but higher in this environment. ”
Couldn’t say it better!

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Steem is the future and the best investment of 21st century.

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Steemit is a godsend in my life. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing platform Greg. You have also been a blessing and continue to be so. You always tell it like it is and help keep us informed about what is really going on. Watching anyone else is a waste of time! Thanks again!

@marketreport...I agree, Steem is a must the next 3 months. Probably the best Crypto for short term.

yes you are right I hope also thank you for information

Your damn skippy it’s a great investment, so far I have told a few peope about it, some have jumped in and have made thousands!
Others still on the sidelines, can’t figure that out, why use fakebook when there’s such a better platform that you get paid for participation???
I wouldn’t be here if it it wasn’t for your suggestion, I remember you saying to everyone on you tube to join steem, I haven’t taken full advantage as I am hoping to , I really want to get more post out there, but thanks for your daily advice, and thanks for getting me here on steem!!!

I'm sure if STEEM gets big enough they'll probably open futures market for it! ;)

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Steemit is truely the future or social media. You are a great advocate for the platform. Thank you for bringing so many people onto it. I hope that the developers are ready because there is going to be a moment in time when the floodgates open and everyone try’s to get on. I am not sure when that will happen but the time is coming. Keep up the good work Greg.

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The revolutionary concept about steem compared to bitcoin or fiat money is, it is backed by something.
Money, real money is stored labor.
Fiat currencies are backed by nothing.
Bitcoin is the stored work the computer does by the mining, basically energy. But steem is the condensed labor of all the great authors, like @marketreport and the curators. All the steemers here basically work to earn steem.
Great post Greg!
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You are the reason I am on Steem!

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Just got on steam because my husband watches @marketreport religiously and told me as a content creator I should be on this platform. Had a meeting yesterday with traditional TV/folks and was able to tell them they are antiquated and this type of content sharing is the future. Thanks so much for the Heads up and Viva Blockchain Revolution!

I am on a mission to bring all my friends and family to Steemit :) fingers crossed!

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I could not agree with you more Gregory! Although I own others, STEEM is my number one pic for becoming wealthy in the future! You led me here by the way 8 months ago and for that, among many other things I am grateful! Thank you!

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I share your optimism. STEEM is a sleepng giant and should be in the top 5, or at least top 10 cryptos by marketcap.

Sweet, you've made a killing here on Steemit! Will you do future exclusives (instead of feed the YouTube-beast...)?

hmm interesting.. so much steem exposure recently. Hopefully you're right! fingers crossed. haha

steem 20 dollars before the end of the year

Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, and Resteemed.

The social network component is huge. But steem as a crypto & blockchain alone have a lot of advantages. Transaction speed & network capacity will be huge a little down the road!

Keep up the great work Greg! You are one of the people who brought me here & I have learned a ton about cryptos from this site

Thx Greg, much appreciated, upvoted.

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Steemit is the best social site out there. Being on a blockchain is a great idea! However the way people get rewarded will need to be improved. I have been following Gregory for a many years now, even before steemit. I don't post much and usually only reply, but only if I have more to say than just "great post' and I swear he never sees my post buried at the bottom of all of these useless replies, never mind maybe getting an upvote from him here and there. I never really came here for the money, but it is fustrating when you see all of those $8-$9 upvotes for those that contribute basically nothing to the platform. If you agree with what I am saying here you would expect a few upvotes, but watch this large comment will get nothing. Don't get me wrong I love steemit, I am just saying some changes need to happen and I am not the only one that believes this. Thank you for your possible attention to this matter.

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