Bitcoin, Crypto, Gold, Silver, AND The Dollar All Down At The Same Time! By Gregory Mannarino

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Repeat after me.. Rigged, Fake, Falsehood, etc..

So we have cryptocurrencies getting slammed, gold down, silver down AND THE DOLLAR ALL DOWN AT THE SAME TIME!

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Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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It is crazy how the powers that be get away with the things they do. How they can pull off driving down so many things at once is inbelievable ... unless you are the mainstream media I guess. Thanks for the update.

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Are you threatening me!?

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Rigged, Fake, Falsehood.

They don't care that we know, last roll of the dice ?

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Rigged, Fake, Falsehood... There I said it!!!


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Thx Greg! Do you anticipate another price for Bitcoin that you jump back in?
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Great market awareness Greg on taking your SPY loss so early.
It saved you and your followers a lot of money.

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Everything going down...... Wish I had a bitcoin... :-)
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Everything is down? OH THIS IS RACIST!!! And it's all Trump's fault! At least that's what liberals would say cause somehow everything has to do with racism. And everything bad is because of Trump. I'm offended!

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Greg, were you listening to me, or were looking at the woman in the red dress.....look again. I think this is how it's going to end!

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I wonder what comes now.?!
Maybe "they" just fake a new start for another (rigged) leg upwards?!
Ps. If everything down.. Where has the liquidity gone? LOL

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The money all went to the bond market?

Thanks for the update and warning to get out of spy. I broke the rules and did not hedge it or would have come out much better. It is like cutting on your finger to place a trade that you are going to lose on one side or the other. Upvoted and resteemed.

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