I Need Waterproof Business Cards! Promoting Steem At The Beach

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Be an encourager. The world has pleny of critics already. - DaveWillis.org

There's many people in the world who define themselves through the thinks they don't like. When they're asked which type of music they like, then they tend to start telling people why we don't like Coldplay or why they consider Justin Bieber being quite annoying.

Why's this?

It's so much more fulfilling to be pro stuff and not anti-stuff. Did you know that being pro Steem could be even worthwhile from an economical point of view?

There's infinite ways to be pro Steem. You can easily include a little promotion in your daily actions: I by myself have started to make some noise for Steem and Steemit at the beach whenever I go catch waves.

Hopefully in a couple of months everybody at my local spot will at least know what Steem is.

Here's why I need some waterproof business cards soon!
Combining pleasure with duty: @mario001 promoting Steem

"15 minutes of fame"
It's always great to meet people who're not afraid of my GoPro camera.

My today's dialogue partner was a natural talent. In the end it was actually him who did the shout-out, encouraging people to follow my blog on Steemit.

I couldn't have done this any better.

Actions speak louder than words - here's my today's #promo-steem video for you!

Check out promo-steem.com for more informations on how you can participate in the promotion activites.
Happy steeming!

Much love,
Marly -
Steem Ambassador

PS: Please consider supporting my charity project @dreamsoftheocean.

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