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Yesterday was two years since I registered on Steem. I had very little knowledge on crypto and wanted to learn. I quickly found a group of likeminded people through the @runningproject which became my tribe. The activity has decreased quite a lot since two years ago and I have also had a period where I stopped posting. I do enjoy being here and hope for a new good and active area here soon!

Now a large part of the world is in lock down, including Norway, which means that my time is occupied by homeschooling children as well as trying to do my job from home. It is less than ideal but it is what it is. Take care of yourself everyone!


We are migrating to HIVE my friend. Hope to meet you there!

More new things? Is there a Hive app or do I need to migrate to my computer as well?

For the moment there is no HIVE app despite the majority of the DApps built on top of the steem blockchain will migrate one day or another to the HIVE blockchain.
eSTeem, exhaust, and communities, also @runningproject, will move to the new blockchain, ok?

What you have is similar to

You can post from there.

Your profile is this one:

In the coming hours they will launch the new blockchain and you will get the ability to open your wallet with the HIVE tokens there which will be a mirroring of your current steem tokens that you have including SP (which will be called HIVE POWER), Steeem=HIVE and SBD=HBD )

If you have time you must read this post:

Thanks, I read the post now and will check out Hive this afternoon. Two years and one day on Steemit, let's hope for more on Hive.

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