Everything You Need to Know About Steem!

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Steem Isn't Rocket Science...  It's Just a Simple Electronic Currency

   Don't know what a cryptocurrency is?  Learn more HERE.

   The big purpose behind steem, the electronic currency or cryptocurrency, is it's ability to reward content creators.  It has been very important to the blogging platform Steemit.com where members can upvote the content they like.  The upvotes, especially those by members of high influence, determine who get the new rewards of steem that come out for content.  Since steem has a market exchange rate for bit coin or other coin and selling these coins amounts to real money, steem has a U.S. dollar value.

    Are you new to steemit.com?  Check out the quick start guide:


   Steem may be turned into steem power which is the number that matters in controlling how future steem rewards are delivered or rewarded.

If you don't have time to upvote quality posts for future steem earnings you can delegate your steem power here:


   There are a couple things in place to keep steem from being abused.  First, it takes 13 weeks to power down from steem power to steem.  This prevents giving quick influence to votes and allowing the person to liquidate or sell their steem right after.  Your voting power also has limits per day which recharges to prevent an unlimited amount of upvotes.

Are you looking for a project to get you free steem?  Look no further than FreeSteemMine




Having to option to be active or passive (or both in my case) is a great way to explore the alternatives to earn and build stake here in the ecosystem.

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Hi newageinv I appreciate you getting in here and commenting! :) It is a very interesting market to say the least :)

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