Steem over 1 $ again

last month
65 in steem

Just noticed the price of our favorite cryptocurrency has surpassed the one dollar mark again.

Congrats to all and keep on steeming!!

Last week I predicted the price would drop again and Im happy to be wrong about this!

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  ·  last month

i can see the price going to be .80-1 for a while

  ·  last month

It will be very interesting to watch indeed!

  ·  last month

$ 1.026861082656

  ·  last month

Time to party once again :)

  ·  last month

Good news indeed.

  ·  last month

I want to say thanks to all the people who 100% power up their posts (initially, I didn't know I could do this). It is you that have helped Steem achieve stability. Thanks - you're all awesome!

  ·  last month

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