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Hi people!

I just love the Steemit community. We are all in the same boat and i'm glad we can all share our passion on such an effective platform!
I was discussing many things with a friend last night and showed him Steemit. I explained how it works, the potential, the payouts, the rich content it provides and how I see it becoming a big thing in the near future.

Although he was impressed with everything, he just couldn't believe how some people are getting upvoted like crazy, and others ( with quality content too ) , get like nothing.

So he challenged me on a bet, and told me that if i get 250 upvotes in a week time or less, he would give me 100$us cash lol
A friendly bet yes, but i just cannot win this without the help of Steemit community!

I really want to win this bet. Not for the money, but to show him that Steemit has a place in the future, because I truly believe it. For that reason, if i win, i will convert the 100$us into STEEM, and i will make a draw with an online random generator, and one of the upvoters will receive 100$us worth of STEEM, directly sent to his account.

Proof of the transaction will be posted here or on a new post with all the details.

Help me win this guys!! Let's see! Feel free to follow me too!
Fingers crossed!

P.S: Make sure you follow me so that you can see when i post the results!! I will follow you back! :)

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done thank you and a re steem

done thank you good luck all

Good luck 👍 just shared it with my followeres to give you that extra boost 🍻

thank you!! will follow you too!

Good luck!


Count me in! Upvoted! Let's Steemit to the Moon!!

I'm in!

This is a really cool idea 🤔

heh thanks! it's more of a bet here, but it would be fun to see how the Steemit community would respond to similar things :) Follow me to and will keep you updated :)

Upvoted for the greater good of Steemit!

Thanks! let's show the Steemit power! :)

good luck

Best of luck to you @makisantypas and best of luck to all to who enter by using the upvote, (yes that includes me too).


Done along with a resteem. I hope you prove your friend wrong.

i hope too! let's show the Steemit power! :)

Upvoted :) lets hope for the best!

Count me in :)


welcome to the family! i just followed you, follow me back and feel free to check out my account!

Just did! thanks!

He challenge you for 250 vote in 7 days or less but i think you can reach there in 1 or 2 days. Its good community and i had seen people got 500 vote in day too. Anyway best of luck and upvoted your post and hope you reach 250 soon.

thanks buddy! i just followed you. Hope you do the same to keep you updated! cheers!

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Great work screenname! never thought of it that way, but it is really interesting to see the potential some viral posts could have with more "equal" voting power. Keep the good work! thanks!

Done! Hopefully you win the bet.

done and hope all the best

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Very generous of you, good luck! and to everyone in the raffle! (resteemed)

thanks! i just followed you! hope you do too! much appreciated! :)

I just upvote you and I will follow make surr you follow back and also upvote my blog too @oowilliams

Just Upvoted


Done, Please send the money!!!

thanks! like i said, need to reach 250 upvotes and i have 1 week! Make sure to follow me guys in order to follow the results! cheers!

Count me in


Up voted! I'm in! Thanks............

Adding a picture if yourself with a sign of the challenge would bring people in.

I dont believe this thing..if you upvote..then he will just laugh on you.lol..downvote...but still..its your choice..thanks.