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Hello my friends,
are you good?


Today Upvote exchange page was updated:

  • Now posts will be open at steemfollower.com instead of steemit.com.
  • Now posts will check at server side if you upvoted or not. and directly unvoted posts will be displayed.
  • Now it is easier to upvote all of the posts. Posts list still generated By random.
  • Some errors fixed, Especially Error(3) which is because of steem node delay.
  • Post Image of posts in NSFW tag, Will not be displayed.
  • Also, if you got Error(*), You can press Try Again!. and you will get Done! message.
  • and some minor change.

Some security note:
recently someone said: Steemfollower is Scam!
What do you think? is it?

My answer was:
for using steemfollower.com, you need to enter only your posting private key at steemconnect.com.
steemconnect.com created by busy.org. and you will only enter your posting key here.
you can check source code here: https://github.com/busyorg/steemconnect/
after login, steemconnect will warn you about what are you doing, vote and follow access which will only work with your posting key.
Remember, steemfollower.com is not a bot, users will upvote each other.
if you have any question about security, please check my last posts. I will never risk on steemit users accounts.

Also, about 5% referral bonus. it will not be sent to your steemit account. 5% bonus point will be converted to upvote to your posts.
when you upvote a post, you will receive some point based on your steem power and voting weight. at the steemfollower, you can see this point as Pending upvote SBD amount.
your post will get this amount of upvote from other users.
here is a video:
How to use steemfollower.com

one 100% upvote is equal to four 25% upvote. So if you want to only earn Point, Upvote with 100% weight.
If you believe Good posts must Get more upvote, So please Upvote only good posts. or at least with higher voting weight. and if you can, don't upvote spammers.

why? is it not upvote exchange?

Yes, it is. But what was the purpose of Steemit.com? Creating good and original content beside of Earning money.
What is the purpose of steemfollower.com? Promoting Good posts and minnows beside of High Earning.

Do you want to earn money? then Create Content.
Earning beside of Content. please Don't Change the purpose of Steemit.

I have many plans for steemfollower.com, and I will add more feature to it. Please if you have any idea, Let me know.
tonight I will travel to out of the city. and I will not be available for a few days. so I will not answer your comments until I come back.
Please Join Discord channel, and answer New users questions at comments and at discord when I was offline. Thanks.




So i think it is a good idea if you add two great things :

ON/ OFF button to receive upvote.
and if i can add specific post to be upvoted.
Thanks @mahiyari

I will add.
thanks for commenting.

Thanks @mahdiyari

I'm a really big fan of Steem Follower! Since joining I've had my first post with over 100 upvotes and then my first post with over 200 upvotes (and almost $100 earning). So thanks, because perhaps this tool played a part in that :)

Isnt it dangerous to give out private key? Wut....

No. you can read my last posts or Help page in steemfollower for more information.

I believe in this project and i know, that you will make it even better! I will continue my support for sure :)

Can you please tell when follow exchange will be on?

I was in travel, in a few days.

This looks like an interesting tool. Will check it up later and give feedback :)

Interesting project, i'll support you! Thank you!

I love this and really want to do it, but I can't login on steem followers no matter what I do
Just says username incorrect.. Do you know what I should do? I tried saffisara without the @ and with it, but the same answer.

Hi, It must work. please try with other browser.

I just tried in a new browser, tried with @ and without but username incorrect... So frustrating

I tried your username just by copy and pasting from steemit:
Take look at images above, and try again.

Could it be that I'm using my phone? Does it have to be on the computer?

I think steemconnect have problem with phone browsers. please try with windows browser.
I will design another website for mobile users :)

I will try that, it's to good not to be a part of 😊 thank you so much for your help. I will let you know how it goes.
Have a great day

Hi brother @mahdiyari i have used your application, i have invite restem and upvote your writing, nice posting, support and give me your advice please, thanks

I have tried steam follower. The results are very encouraging. Thanks!

excellent information

I have tested your site and I can say that it is very good but as it is new it needs for sure some fixes or to add some features... I have seen some great posts there but at the end, I was disappointed as they were plagiarisms noted by @cheetah.

I hope you can add a filter to posts when they are commented by @cheetah to appears with a tag as "copy/paste" or something like that.

Maybe it gonna save time from readers!

Best whises for your new service!

I will add.

That's really interesting! I will do the same. Keep going.

Amazing! Thanks for creating Steemfollowers! I got to know about it today and i'm pleased! 👍

I'm using this and am trying to refer as many people as I can here. Thank you for creating this.

Please Upvote Only Posts You Like!

  • By Sharing Your Referral Link, You will Receive 5% of your Referrals Upvote.
  • Only Last Post of Every Account Will be Displayed.
  • Posts list will be generated randomly. (15 post)

nayemrna just directed me here ..and i think it is great

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