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Hello Steemians , ,
Steem Follow Exchange ,
Don't Follow for Free.


what do you think ?
it can be helpful ?

i'm still working on the backend of site , so please be pateint.
first ~500 accounts will get some free follower.

how it works?

it is simple ,
you will earn point by following other steemians ,
and you will spend that points to get followers.


  • I must follow all people?

No , you can ignore accounts that you don't like.

  • I Must Pay For Registering?

No , it is completely free.

  • Cheating is possible?

NO , if anyone unfollow accounts , points will be deducted from his account.
and in some cases , account will be banned.

  • How can i support this project?

You can support this project by resteeming and introducing it to your friends.

  • When i can register?

After a few test. maybe in one week.

  • Can i contact with you?

You can find me on discord.

  • How can i get more follower ?

by sharing this project. More registered user = more follower

  • There is any limit ?

Yes , there is a limit on number of accounts that you can follow per day.

is it useful ?
is it bad ?

Please Let me know what you think about this project.
Also , Please and Please Help me by sharing your ideas.

Regards ,


Sounds interesting!

Might be redundant. We can organise this kind of follower-networks and quid pro quos organically as well.. hmm, well interesting idea nonetheless.

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