# Daily Steem and Steem Dollars (SBD) Price Report - 2017-10-31

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Daily Steem and Steem dollars (SBD) price Report - 2017-10-31



Price in Bitcoin: 0.00015093 BTC
Price in USD: 0.961239 USD
24 Hour Volume: 861936.0 USD
Market Capacity: 235657638.0 USD
Available Supply: 245160296.0 STEEM
Total Supply: 262134390.0 STEEM
Price Change in 1 Hours: 0.18 %
Price Change in 24 Hours: -0.29 %
Price Change in 7 Days: -3.94 %

Steem Dollars (SBD)

Price in Bitcoin: 0.00015385 BTC
Price in USD: 0.979829 USD
24 Hour Volume: 52226.2 USD
Market Capacity: 3255374.0 USD
Available Supply: 3322390.0 SBD
Total Supply: 3322390.0 SBD
Price Change in 1 Hours: 1.07 %
Price Change in 24 Hours: 0.57 %
Price Change in 7 Days: -0.87 %

Price and Data Source: coinmarketcap.com
Image Source: cryptocoinview.com

This Report will be updated Daily in this time.

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