Market review - 10.04.2019 - vol.33

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Current situation on the crypto currency market is showing green day, with top three crypto currencies performing as:
BTC is up 1,16% to 5272,88 USD
ETH is up 1,48% to 180,15 USD
XRP is up 1,15% to 0,3555 USD
best performers of the day are:
REPO is up 16,30% to be on spot 98 on CMC website, in a series of up/down movements
CRO is up 15,38% to reach spot 29,
VEST is up 12,81%, to be on spot 91,
worst performers of the day are:
ABBC is down 16,48%, down to spot 57 on CMC website,
AOA is down 6,01%, down to spot 64,
KCS is down 5,08%, down to spot 63,

There is nineteen currencies with volume above 100 million USD, from which seven are above 1 billion USD, and BTC volume is above 13 billion USD, and USDT has volume above 13 billion, as well. Total volume is lower than previous days, which shows that market is slowing down.

P.S. from major coins in top ten, only USDT is in red, with EOS leading the pack, and increased 6,44% today, LTC is again above BCH on position four.

STEEM is in green territory, below 0,49 USD, with a 0,42% increase.

Total marketcap is increased, on 182,5 billion USD, with BTC dominance on 50,9%.

CMC stands for

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