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Am I the only one who isn't a fan of the #NewSteem? It's really making life hard for us Minnows. When I first registered here I had high hopes of being a Dolphin or a Whale but now that dream is slowly fading away since I can't afford to fund my account. I've since lost interest in authoring new posts because the rewards I'm getting do not exist 😓. I hope a new hardfork with better features is not far off.

Lemme calm myself down with this beautiful view.


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Hi, @m0nst3r

I know the new Steem is difficult for some people to understand, but it is more focused on rewarding high quality content rather than giving micro rewards to everyone now.

May I provide a few suggestions that can make your experience on Steem better?

Now, more than ever before, it is important to engage a community of people. Followers and resteems are much more important now, because you need a lot of people with SP to see your content now, not just a few with a lot of SP.

I noticed that a lot of your posts are a little short, while the posts that are usually rewarded on Steem are longer. You might want to focus on putting out fewer but very high quality posts, rather than many shorter posts. You might also find it helpful to choose a niche to focus your content on. It is much easier to build a following if you're educating people on a specific topic.

There are more ways to earn rewards. The HoboDAO is a community program, and if you delegate just 5 SP to the HoboDAO you can receive regular Hobo tokens each month that you remain delegated. You can also become an active member of the HoboDAO by joining our discord service and seeking to engage actively in our community.

The benefit of owning Hobo tokens is that you can spend them to cover submission fees to have your content reviewed by the HoboDAO, which could result in curation from the community owned curation account and additional token rewards!

Want to learn more? Why not join our chat area: - HoboDAO Discord Server

Thank you so much! That's very informative indeed!! I'll try and do as you say, and check out HoboDAO

#NewSteem is all about reward amazing content. If you feel that you're not rewarded enough, invest time into polishing up your content and take a look at what you can do for Steem.

~Smartsteem Curation Team