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RE: Blockchain Update 3: Hardfork 20 and Release 19.4 – AppBase, StatsD, and RocksDB

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Thank you so much for explaining these changes in such a way that anyone can understand! I appreciate that very much. Looks like there's some big things happening, especially the fix for end of payout post abuse, curation updates, and the change from 20 sec to 3 sec in between comments.

I'm resteeming this, but in the meantime, tagging a few folks to help spread the word a bit. Thanks again!

@davemccoy, @beeyou, @glenalbrethsen, @themanwithnoname, @thedarkhorse, @wolfhart, @abh12345 (I'm sure you're aware), @hitmeasap, @insideoutlet


You called? I'm checking it out now.

haha look how easy that was for me :) Thanks!

Just read through and it looks like they have some good changes in store. Looking forward to them being implemented. The curation thing won't affect us @lynncoyle1, not even on the one inadvertent upvote that gets removed. ;)

I just thought it might be something you're interested in, but yes, upon further reading, I see what you mean. I do like the other changes I mentioned though. Time will tell, right? :)

I think they're good changes. And I think it's a good idea to have the author's portion of the curation rewards burned for self-voters. It will decrease the reward they get from it. We'll see what happens.

Thanks looking it over. Thanks for the tag

You're welcome buddy...make sure you get some sleep before responding here lol

I'd have to agree with @themanwithnoname's general assessment. Of course, saying things will happen in x way because y was implemented is the intended purpose of making the change, but x has a way of morphing into z by the time users get a hold of it to find some way around it. I hope that's not the case, but it will be interesting to see what happens because of these changes.

It will be interesting, and right now I'm tired, so I'm coming back to this and your comment because at the moment, it's a bit like "who's on first?" to me haha

Thanks for the shoutout Lynn. I had several people mention to me too. A popular topic of discussion.