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RE: STEEM 2020; What I am going to do!

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Hey there stranger. I haven't been around in a bit but I'm back to my regular shenanigans lol. I see what you mean. I wouldn't mind challenging myself to onboarding a few thousand people from my travels to join steemit tbh since I know that once they are here, there are guys like you who will happily point them in the right direction. That said my main issue with steem is the scalabity aspect to it. Like I don't know how many users we can comfortably onboard without affecting the speed? Because of that I see us going in either of two directions. One where we have at least six million users with each having an average of 10 000 sp? I know its a long shot but the numbers for me are definately doable. Take for example, its a great place to introduce steemit by anyone to anyone through answering crypto specific questions. There are many platforms where people are searching for answers and using them to onboard new steemians is the easy part. If only like you say the user interface improves and the joining process becomes instant. I think I read somewhere that the latter will be rectified soon. Or, the platform becomes a niche for the uber wealthy where thanks to skyroketting steem prices, we wake up one day and everybody goes like f the masses lol. How do we raise the price of steem with a few users on steemit? I think dapps come in handy on this one, I've been thinking lately. 1:) We create blockchain shopping dapps where steem is the currency of choice. I think we would call them Shapps lol. As well as monetizing dapps for every need in the blockchain like education, travel, flights, acommodation booking where everyone can pay in steem, incentivise cafe owners that are already on steemit as well as those off it to accept steem in their establishments. Then get the users of steemit to patronise those cool spots and review them aka spread the word both on and off steemit. It's a win win for all. Reach out to more of the established online stores and again incentivise them to accept steem for payment. Basically what I'm suggesting is creating a whole ecosystem for the steem blockchain on and off steemit, which in turn creates a raising demand for steem. More like secondlife on the blockchain minus the porn or the need for the masses. Just a great steemit where ecommerce is possible first for the devs creating and maintaining useful dapps that fullfill a need and second for all the creative steemians earning through offering any of their work. Be it physical or digital. For me the bottom line is raising steem prices either way. That said I'm excited about bitcoin halving taking place next year, for steem prices there are fun times ahead thats for sure. Meantime clarifying the direction that works best for all the investors on here sooner rather than later would definately help to steer the ship in the right direction thats for sure.


Many of these things may happen next year when SMT's are unleashed up on us.

As for scale-ability.., we as you see it now is the least amount of activity I have seen. When I joined STEEM was $2.85 each and there was a LOT more activity then.

More people means more servers needed and witnesses, but if the token price rises then we will get those anyway. They need STEEM to pay for the hardware and utility costs, that's why witnesses are often in a constant state of power down.

Feel free to try and incite people on, I can create accounts complete with keys if you need any. It's a hard sell in its' current form.

"Many of these things may happen next year when SMT's are unleashed up on us." Fingers crossed.

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