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RE: Steemit Blockchain Team Update: AppBase, RocksDB, Bandwidth, HF20, SMTs, and more!

in #steem6 years ago

Excellent update and on the steemitblog, no less! I'm glad to see the tech details get some love here and not just @steemitdev.

Thanks for continuing to communicate about the work you're doing. We really appreciate it.


as a new witness (@swisswitness) I really like the full node news... this will make it much more affordable for the smaller teams to set them up as well... This will really boost the blockchain strength and stability

That's really useful feedback @lukestokes. It is an ongoing discussion about where to publish updates like this, and whether steemitdev or steemitblog is more appropriate, so glad to know your thoughts on this.

Steemit, inc is a tech heavy company after all, and I say embrace it instead of trying to explain to bloggers why Steemit (your reference implementation of what’s possible on STEEM) hasn’t become the next Facebook yet with free money for everyone. STEEM has some solid devs working on important stuff. The more we highlight that, the more we can educate people on what’s going on and prepare them for a future where Steemit is just one among many sites on this chain.

Keep it up, man! We appreciate your efforts and the team taking time to put these updates together.

Agree 100%

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