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RE: Excited about TRON&Steem/Steemit collaboration

in #steem4 years ago

I hope you will honor and respect the community here that has worked so hard to create value through their words, their art, their code, their investments, and their friendships.

Thank you for posting here and engaging directly.


The name can change, but the relationships we have built here as Steemans is very unique, and not something you'll find on most if any social networks. We share NEW creative content, great ideas, and give no attention to negativity. We are not a blockchain, we are not a website, we are a group of thriving crypto enthusiasts that looked for more and found each other.

Yes, this fact is what most people don't see about our core community.

AMA link for tomorrow at 9 am PST US:

Well said.

Thanks for piping up.

i'm 50/50 on whether he's gonna respect it or not but i guess we'll see.

I remember when I suggested to Justin on Twitter many many moons ago, that Tron needed a social network, and that STEEM was gravely wounded, stumbling around in the dark .. never thought in a million years .. lol

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