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I think we should really start to organize as decentralized community.
Move further away from Steemit Inc. It's just one (and the first) of hopefully many companies on the steem blockchain! :)

I've already seen SteemProjects but miss a category which goes in a kinda 'blockchain development and politics' direction.

The only thing I found which goes in this direction is: don't even know the name by @therealwolf

Another cool initiative I found is State of Steem - SOS by @pennsif
You can find news about the state of steem there. :)

Can you show me some more projects?

Ot do I have to be witness to really participate?

Would be very grateful for a few hints!

Greetings, Baron


(pic made by me with gimp and cc0 files)

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I like the #anarchy tag. :)


Haha, me too. :)
I think we're on a technical point now where we can truly realize anarchy.

People always laugh at me, when I talk about anarchy.. Just because they probably think it's too ideological. Or they don't even know what it really means.


Or they don't even know what it really means.

That seems to be the key point for me...

Anarchy can only be successful with small groups of like minded individuals. When the group becomes too large it becomes a community and thus centralization will be necessary for efficient management.

Using decentralization and community in the same phrase is an oxymoron.

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