Wordpress + Steem = Your blockchain.

in steem •  10 months ago

Do you have a blog with CMS wordpress?
We have found the solution to unify wordpress with the STEEM blockchain, basically you write on your blog and the information is also written in the blockchain. Cool!


This is a plugin that connects your blog to the blockchain.

I searched for my blog in the plugin section and found the following.

  • SteemPress developed by Martin Lees It is a updated plug-in and is compatible with the latest version of Wordpress. [ Recommended ]

  • WordPress Steem developed by ReCrypto has no update to the latest version of wordpress. [ Untested with last version of WordPress]

  • Steemit Feed is just a plug-in that shows you FEED from steemit.com, I do not think it's a great help.

The plug-in I recommend is SteemPress that is crafted and works with the latest version of wordpress. To activate and connect to the blockchain, you only need the post key.

I will come back with a tutorial as I did with my first post with wordpress.

An excellent day!

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