How that was handled was very hard to watch, and due to the ability to control the narrative .. it’s something that went almost completely unnoticed unfortunately

control the narrative.? You and the witnesses have done a great job!
Hostile take over?
Freezing a large investors legal property is Hostile. If illegal then a Hack!
When will you and the witnesses come forward with a legal opinion on the freezing of legal property. The community has a right to know if Justin Suns account being frozen was legal. If legal then its not a hack and the witnesses are not hackers. Then we can move on to the actions of the exchanges. That is step one.

Then go hire an attorney... and perhaps look at facts when you throw out ridiculous statements on behalf of Tron.

So your saying the witnesses , froze 12 million of Justins legal property without any legal advice?
The community needs to know if the witnesses acted legally.
IF you dont know just say you dont know.
I dont act on behalf of tron , i act as a steemian trying to get down to the truth. THe witnesses , voting bots, and whales are controlling the trending page. THe CNN of steemit.

Dude.. take your meds and stop spamming me.

lol. Just red wine. ( organic)
Was just trying to figure you and the witnesses out. Your support team etc.
Trolling yes, spamming no.
Honestly im done, got the answer i wanted , understand i targeted you because your part of the witness group and i wanted to figure out the logic behind the decision to freeze the account. The lack of answer says everything. Always, acting in the best interest of the chain. I believe steem has the best utility on the planet. THe inflation distribution is it only downfall. Plus what just occurred.
Best, Test45

They cannot answer this because they acted illegally. There's never been any legal thingy with them from the onset. They keep rambling about how Tron took over the chain yet they ignore the genesis of the 'takeover'; Freezing Sun's legally acquired stake before even having a conversation.


They also just censored my comments with downvote bots . They took my reputation down to negative. Just for asking those questions. They need to go.
Im 100% behide SUn now. They are censoring anyone who even thinks of supporting Sun or question the witnesses actions.

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