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When Steemit adopts a more 'communities' centric model of organizing interaction with content, the whole game will change considerably. There will be a vast array of content sorted in a profoundly new way, and at the same time, the influence of 'Trending', 'Hot', and so forth should diminish in influence or potentially be phased out altogether.

The introduction and elaboration of communities will dramatically increase the effectiveness of curation on multiple levels, and even more, it should foster a worldwide network of community-organized Steemians capable of working on a variety of productive efforts in concert with one another.

All of this whilst leveraging the power of Smart Media Tokens, and you will see a massive shift towards a new kind of community-driven token economy the likes of which the world has never seen.

Meanwhile, the majority of large stakeholders will make the correct, and self-interested decision to invest in the continued development of tools and infrastructure to extend the capabilities and capacity of the Steem blockchain.

Folks will slowly come to realize that reputation is the main currency here, and all Steemians who dare to participate in galvanizing and co-creating this shift towards a mutually beneficial community based 'proof of gift' economy, and who consistently make offerings for the benefit of the whole community, will be heroes.

We will tell the stories of these monumental undertakings to our grandchildren, and they will ask us questions like... "Grandpa, tell us about debt again... what was the reason for it?"

And we will say, "Well child, used to be that folks created scarcity to control each other, but then we discovered a way to participate in the creation of a new world, one built on abundance, and that was that... the old ways didn't seem too appealing anymore."

Kindly consider these things, and sweet dreams =)

Peace and @lovejoy

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Heros. I like that.


We gotta appreciate the heroes making it all possible!


Interesting article Dr., I have enjoyed reading it.
Can you further clarify what you mean by "mutually beneficial community based 'proof of gift' economy". I want to make sure I am interpreting this in parallel with what you intend.
The reason I personally would want a "million dollars" is to share it in meaningful ways with others. I have so much I would like to share. I certainly do not want to live in a society with an economy based on burdening citizens with debt in such a way as to create contemporary indentured servitude. A "debt based" economy and "debt based" life blows hard.
Now having the ability to responsibly borrow something (money, a lawn mower or whatever) and demonstrate my character and integrity by paying it back or returning it directly to the source is to me a useful tool. I really wish our society had not abused debt. Heck there are so many things useful tools that currently mankind uses as weapons against itself. In the end this is all up to humans making decisions, acting and behaving with real world impact - negative or positive. Guns do not kill on their own, people pull the triggers.
As we humans explore ways to share and exchange information, goods and services this idea of reputation as currency is an interesting place to be. I know I have a different reputation among various groups of people and with different individuals. If I take someone like Mozart for example. He had a reputation for being a flake and a flamboyant womanizer - he also composed some of the most wonderful music ever written...

Anyway, just barely musing here. I'd better just address my potential pondering in a unique post.
To end my comment, I would like to contribute to Steemit and the world at large. Integrity calls to me, I want to do what I do for reasons that feel right to me. I hope that I can develop my reputation based on my integrity and find my way, it is very challenging at times.


Integrity always gets my vote.
It will, indeed be hard to "equalise" reputation, or posts, like we do with money goods and services.
Can Steemit do something for the emotionally or morally bankrupt? Can it do something for farmers in Africa (to prevent corruption)? How practical is Steem?

I get lovejoy's idealism, and your broad definition of being in debt made me think long and hard. On some things there is no absolving of debt - although Catholics would beg to disagree.

So, every time you need to borrow something you have an IOU situation? I never looked at it like that. I always thought I was merely on neighbourly terms with the lawnmower example. Whole of life is one big debt, in that sense (and those who do karma work say so up front). Not everything can be levelled out, returned, paid off.

I sense some kind of inflation somewhere down the road with too many gifts never given/needed. I don't know enough about economics to know why it cannot work to not have an economy based on money, but I sense it can't: for one thing money keeps more subtle and sacred matters out of the nitty gritty. What if we were to cheapen our souls in barter?

The evaluators have all the power. Here is where we must change things, methinks. What are we going to value if not time (which per definition would make my post unequal to that of one quote copy/pasted? What is this currency symbolic of if also not energy? You can only reciprocate impeccability with impeccability. That leaves those in training out of the loop, creates new divisions, or gives us elders, which are not much on trend at the minute.

I don't want to sound Marxist, but how about if everybody had some of your million dollars to begin with instead of waiting for you to hand it out?
Just trying to think out loud with you.
I suppose you don't quite trust everybody would be as sensible with it as yourself? So we still need bank-managers in this ideal world?

well i am here for the first time and i think its amazing let see


Welcome! So glad to have you here... Just recognize that this is just the beginning. Behind the scenes, great things are coming into being... So hang tight through the varying degrees of nonsense, seek out the good, the allies of positive development, and we'll all go far!

this is the optimism we need! We all just need to band together and keep pushing gently in the same direction together. This dream is fully achievable x x much love to you and to my other secret knight in the kingdom of the hippopotamus tree x x


We can do it!!!


wow very nice

These words echo beyond this platform & call upon us to change our lives: “Folks will slowly come to realize that reputation is the main currency, here...

we discovered a way to participate in the creation of a new world, one built on abundance, and that was that... the old ways didn't seem too appealing anymore."

Thank you, brother, for addressing the better angels of our nature.

❤️Love, Joy, indeed 💫


Thank you, brother! Let's call in all of "the better angels of our nature" now. I so appreciate your voice here. Thanks for dropping by and leaving such great words of encouragement! 🙏🏵️


I agree with you that, past the petty noise, there is deep, good news at work, a new world being born.

What we hear is the last gasp, the violent dying throes of the old refusing to let go & make way for the new...

Thanks, again, for reminding us of The Light🙏🏼

very interesting, and some things that I have been pondering lately as well, i really like how you ended it "Well child, used to be that folks created scarcity to control each other, but then we discovered a way for folks to participate in the creation of a new world, one built on abundance, and that was that... the old ways didn't seem too appealing anymore." indeed, cheers!


Many thanks! Yeah... i'm just going to start writing what's on my mind.. I think a lot of people have a sense for what's coming, but the headlines are just dominated by all this infighting, doom and gloom... it's no good... There's a whole new world coming into being, we forget that. :) Cheers!

This is very true, this is why I preach the good news of steemit, to strengthen and make steemit a better place, so far not less than 56 persons have registered on steemit in the last 2 weeks due to my efforts, let spread the good news.
Great Post


Right on! 56 people in 2 weeks?! What in the world is your secret? Those are some impressive numbers. Preach the good news indeed, there's a lot of amazing stuff coming down the pipeline... let's celebrate the achievements so far and prepare for some truly amazing shit!

While the message is spot on, i love how its written. The story funish to the article really nade me laugh. But you are right and this is the beginning of a shift in thinking. Taking away from the billion dollar businesses and spreading the wealth.


Thanks, yeah I like to imagine what it'll be like looking back on the mess we would have left behind should we succeed in our efforts to fundamentally alter the nature of economics in our time. =)


1 percent of the people owning 99 percent of the wealth. Its madness and we all contribute to it.
At least now people are pushing back against the tide and if enough people are pushing then we can see a change. Things will never be perfect bit of can all make a small change then they can be better than what is there now.

I cannot wait for that day to happen as I currently hate the system of upvoting yourself with bots to gain popularity in the hot and trending tabs. So many deserving posts go to waste..


For sure, it's problematic and the solution is on the way.
In the meanwhile we can't let the narrative be dominated by people who may or may not have the best interests of the blockchain in mind. Thanks for your comment! We have a ways further to go but with a little tenacity we'll get there!

I agree that reputation is the main currency here, yes elaboration with other communities will definitely give big boom to curations. Thanks for sharing @lovejoy

I have read some publications that coincide in this vision of the progress that we are developing in Steemit and in the projection to the abundance in which we all believe that it will be possible, there are already reflections of that great situation at the moment.

This is the direction that we need to move in. A movement towards more equality and admiration of quality. It sometimes gives off the impression as though things here are not all that different in the Steem world than in the real world. We are separated by clear lines of power and the rich get richer with every move backed by teams of power players. There is some great content being put out by minnows that gets brushed to the bottom of the pile in an instant. As I new user I am looking forward to a time when I can put out content and know that in some way it will be seen. If it doesn't get upvotes I am happy with constructive feedback. In order for that to happen we need people to actually get the opportunity to see your posts.

I know we can get there and I'm all in because I believe in the platform. I am looking forward to growing within the Steem world.

The capacity of organization is the key in everything and more if it is about this type of initiatives in these big platforms, the key of the future is in our hands making Steemit grow in a positive way or continue thus going to an imminent decadence to stay in the later oblivion.

owwww....nice post
Advanced Thinking Ideas

Yeah! I'm also need to build our steem power I'm newbie
I try to understood your post by reading :)

They say,
Reputation is ever thing protect it with your life....

Your outstanding post is great and strong character

every day we have to move forward and create new alternatives to build a better world. excellent post I would like to see this new system very soon

Motivating! I'm hosting my first contest to reward followers who are supporting my blog as I learn how to contribute value to this platform. It's a humble beginning, yet each little step feels like progress :)

I'm kinda new on steemit but preaching good news about steemit and also contributing enormously to build this community would be very necessary

Interesting post. I joined a few days ago and the one thing I've been missing so far is dedicated subject-based communities. I'm glad to hear that they're coming.

Successful social media like Facebook and Youtube have to adopt the SMT concept otherwise they will be left behind. I bet more and more projects will copycat the success of Steem blockchain and produce their own token.

nice post

hmmm very interesting

You said, right, ,,,,,, I liked your post, so, I'll wait for the next post, ,,,,,,,,,steemit is the great site........ I allows like it....... but I am a new person in steemit......... can you please help me....... friends........

Steemit is every where in the world i call this post world of steemains

Ah yes, Steemit is a social network indeed.

looks like the communities are getting quite ready. lot of commits and activity on the github now.