IBT Survival Island Game - Progress Report Twenty Nine - Competition

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 It's competition time again!!! reply and win CK token and Steem

Welcome to this weeks update on IBT Survival Island.  This is a very special update to get my weekly updates back on track. I'm sure people have seen the recent slip in Steem price, so to help people feel better about this short term set back I am giving away another liquid Steem prize and some more Juicy CK tokens

Don't forget with CK tokens you can stake them or you can enter various additional instant prize comps and win BIG!.

In consultation with the lead programmer we have come up with what we think should be a pretty fun comp...just like the traditional Steemit IBT of old lets keep that Steemian interaction cranking....My intent is to run this competition once a month instead of a  regular weekly update (the regular updates will continue then in a month a new competition - yay!!).

The purpose of doing this is  to:  

  1. Reward people for following along and supporting the project
  2. Make sure your top ideas make it into our game
  3. Show the world that Steem is still going strong!


"What island is on the map?"

Last month I didn't have a single taker to attempt to edit the image, so I'm going to raise the stakes this month.

This month you MUST edit the below image with what you want to appear on the map.

To enter you must Design and name a small island on the map and it will be used in the IBT Survival Island game. Remember this must be an "island" of some type and can be of any shape. It can be a small up to a medium sized island at the most and large enough to explore also. Feel free to draw rivers, trees, maybe an old ruin of some type or even some buried treasure! You can add legends showing certain locations on the map even.

 The winner will have their name added to the credits of the game and their island added also. Remember you cannot use any copyrighted material or images on the map that may infringe copyright! 

That's right, even if your not a good artist it doesn't matter, just open up trusty old paint (or whatever your arty software tool is) pop on an island and then post it in a reply below

Remember!!... By giving us your image on the scroll you are also give us permission to use it. 


2 Steem liquid prize and 2 CK tokens 

IBT is a supporter of contests on Steemit and the biggest player in this space is @contestkings.  At the moment CK token holders who stake a set number of tokens are  automatically entered into a crazy daily prize and so I can't think of a  better prize at the moment then a combination of CK tokens and liquid  Steem - I love em both!! The best response winner here will receive a 2 Steem liquid prize and 2 CK tokens (these SteemEngine tokens are HOT! at the moment due to the escalating prizes these guys are giving out).

No upvote, Resteem or Follow is required to be eligible to win you just need to post your reply below - Good Luck everyone :)  

 IBT Survival Island is a Crypto based game under construction.  These IBT Survival Island competitions will continue monthly where possible. 


Here is a free 100% upvote from @contestkings that has a balance of 35,000 SP + 10,500 PAL + 750,000 SPT + 50,000 BATTLE +65,000 NEOXAG.

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Let's get this going! 🔥

My submission is Roskilde Island.

Island Features:

  • Viking shipwreck in North East harbor.
  • Cave to explore in the East that may house Viking treasure.
  • Abandon camp grounds in West that borders an old growth forest.
  • A beach to the South which could be used as a landing point when sailing to the Island.

Very Nice - that's a most excellent map, it's got all the classics, forest, camp, cave, wreck.... love it!

Thank you so much for your submission - best of luck, we will chose the winner at post payout so stay tuned :)


My try

  • Forest fire destroyed left part of the island.
  • Abandoned structures at lots of locations
  • Point of interests which can be caves or treasures.

Smooth! vast..and very Aussie looking terrains, love it. I like what you have done with the points of interest as well, looks like you spent a bit of time. Cheers

Thanks for your entry - awesome, I've taken the liberty of putting it on the scroll for you

That's an awesome idea for a competition. I will see what I can whip up tonight.

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Thanks mate - take your time, got until post payout.

Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

My submission is a desert island with occasional jungle areas depicted by trees, with two pools of water There's a long dormant volcano called Mt. Shaidon that was active at the time the map was drawn. There's also an ancient pyramid, a shipwreck (player start area?) and the location of a possible treasure.

Map competition entry 1.jpg

Well done @shaidon, we leaned towards your map in the end. It will make an appearance in the game and the island will be created.

-Not sure a Pyramid is inline with the Aussie bush theme - but it's just crazy enough to be a fun DLC

Thank you. That's awesome news. As for the pyramid, rumours of there being pyramids here in Australia aren't new, not exactly based on any real fact or scientific evidence but why let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

Haha Well...learn something new every day.

Thanks for your entry, its looks really cool

We are just discussing the winner at the moment

Might see if the sprogs want to give this one a go XD

Sooo cool - I look forward to seeing - upgoat island hehe.

That's a cool idea.

It will be interesting to see what people come up with/

Cheers - I'd really love to see these monthly contests escalate - you should have a go :)

This contest has ended and the winner this month is..

@shaidon with his just in time entry...that was close!

Congrats! in discussion with the programmer we liked the size of the map and whilst its not in colour, we kind of liked this in the end..more likely something some one drew with some charcoal or a pen lol! anways well done, it will make an appearance in the actual game and your name will appear in the credits.

It was so close with @agr8buzz and @elemental010 both putting in great effort
I will send a small steem transfer to each contestant with a comment on the result and much thanks for entering.

If you missed out on those CK tokens look out for next month and please try again, I'll try to keep running these.

All the best

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