Competition Time!! reply and win CK token and Steem - IBT Survival Island Game - Progress Report Twenty Three

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Welcome to this weeks update on IBT Survival Island. 

Last weeks update I left a cheeky message that I would run a competition - so here it is.

Talking with the lead programmer we have come up with what we think should be a pretty fun thing - and just like the traditional Steemit IBT of old lets get some Steemian interaction cranking....haha

My intent is to run this competition once a month instead of a regular weekly update (the regular updates will continue next week and then in a month a new competition - yay!!). The purpose of doing this is to:

  1. Reward people for following along and supporting the project
  2. Make sure your top ideas make it into our game
  3. Show the world that Steem is still going strong!


"The lost Casterway"

Your playing IBT Survival Island and have come across the above skeleton. 

You notice something in its appears to have writing on it?!!?

To win the competition: you simply need to post a reply here on what you think should be found in the skeletons hand and what is written on it?

Remember on IBT Survival Island you will begin lost and alone, there are no other signs of civilization so what could this skeleton mean? and what is the mysterious item and note?

The image is original like all our IBT images, so you are invited and have permission to save and edit the image and post it in a reply below with the skeleton holding something (for those who have skills in editing/graphics). 

If your not good with graphics, that fine, just describe what you think should appear in the skeletons hand and what is written on it - - all replies will be considered - - please try to keep it clean though steemians :) haha!!

It can be anything, the only rule is it must have something written on it..So I suggest think about what the text might say?

The IBT Survival Island team look forward to seeing the inventive replies and will award the prize at this posts pay out. Keep in mind, this skeleton will be appearing in the game and your idea will be represented if you win, so by participating your actually helping us make the game


3 Steem liquid prize and 3 CK tokens

IBT is a supporter of contests on Steemit and the biggest player in this space is @contestkings. At the moment CK token holders who stake a set number of tokens are automatically entered into a crazy daily prize and so I can't think of a better prize at the moment then a combination of CK tokens and liquid Steem - I love em both!!

The best response winner here will receive a 3 Steem liquid prize and 3 CK tokens (these SteemEngine tokens are HOT! at the moment due to the escalating prizes these guys are giving out).

No upvote, Resteem or Follow is required to be eligible to win you just need to post your reply below - Good Luck everyone :)


These orange nuts are bitter.
(Strychnos nux vomica)

Good thinking, very creative :)

  • poisoned eh...haha explains the skele, love it!

A piece of paper that said "I told you I was sick! - Spike Milligan."

Or a water bottle that says "Remember to hyrdate often!"

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Some classic stranded island stuff hehe.

and I like the water bottle idea - but like @mattclarkes explains the skele.

-two guesses for the price of one eh..I guess I didn't say in the rules you couldn't post more than one idea - both will be considered for the comp :)

Thanks for listing with us, the game is looking really good!

My pleasure - thanks for the good work you guys have done with CK.

...yeah lots of work to go; we will get there having fun along the way :)


Well with just a few hours to go, I'm officially closing this months competition.

We will now judge and announce the winner in the next weekly IBT update post to come shortly.

Thanks to all for your ideas :)

The note simply has an X on it. Upon further examination, when viewed in direct sunlight, a faint outline of the island can be seen.

Sweet! a Treasure map - I like it! ...give us something to create a bit of a side quest on - very cool!

The skeleton is holding something.

It's a large, rusty key made of silver. The word "Heaven" is carved on it.

-- I should take it. Whatever this key opens shouldn't be too far.

You took the skeleton key.

Nice - a mystery to be solved a lock to be!! ..and one is left wondering, does what ever this key lead to mean ultimate death?

My suggestion: it could offer two different solutions - ultimate death... Or the key is actually an item that provides a one-time safeguard against lethal danger. Example: if the player was going to die, game time is rewinded by 5 actions and he can find a skeleton where he's placed - holding the same key, but with nothing written on it, as it doesn't work anymore.

A time travelling get out of trouble delight, very useful...I wonder if the skeleton should look more alien like for even more twist :)

That would explain how he doesn't fit in the rest of survival island!

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Do not touch shiny blue things in water

Good one - true, lotsa poisonous stuff along coast lines deadly to a survivalist.

The skeleton is holding a scroll which is a map with a secret location marked on the island, which contains a fortune. But actually it is a bait to lure people by a humanoid creature that survives on human flesh. ;D

Those darn Sneaky humanoid creatures!..always working on new ways to eat us!.

Cheers for your entry bro.

@lordnigel, In my opinion this individual faced a wild attack in this forest and when this individual got to know that there is no way to out now, decided to write something which will stay eternal so that if somebody comes while searching they will know the reason of **Death ☠ **.

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Nice - a thought provoking post....hmmnn.

A wild attack in the forest in Australia; not many possibilities, I mean it could be a deadly snake bite or dingo opportunity attack. ...OR something else, perhaps, something that grew on the island which never made it to the main land perhaps, a Aussie beast no one has ever's possible this is the origins of the bunyip? haha


Anything is possible. 😁

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Congrats! your idea was selected for use in the game. Your win will be announced in the weekly IBT update post shortly, the prizes will be transferred directly.

Thank you so much and have a great time ahead.

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