Pitch Your Dreams/Passions On The Steem Blockchain: A Transcript Of My Talk Session At Steemcamp Blockchain/Steem Workshop.

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Last week Saturday, I was invited to speak to participants at the Steemcamp event. Day7 was set aside for the Steem/blockchain workshop. I spoke on the theme: Pitching your dreams/passion on the Steem blockchain.

After people started writing report about the talk, I have had a couple of people chatting me up to share the lessons with them so, I simple want to share a text transcript of the talk I had for the seminar with you all. I hope it will spark a light in someone.


We are all gathered here from different part of the country (Nigeria) because of a single man's passion.

Michaelcj was passionate about something even before we came to the Steem blockchain. Today because he pitched it to the Steemit community, we are all were in this hall.

Before I continue, I learned this quote from a friend a couple of weeks ago and I want to share it with you.

No one will reward you for mediocrity.

As you get back to Steemit after this workshop, whatever your dream maybe, don't be a mediocre.

We are all Nigerians in this room, so I'll address this to the Nigerian problem and we'll look at how the Steem blockchain offers the tools to solve these problems.

What is the greatest limitation to a Nigerian from pushing towards achieving his dreams? The answer is common to everyone's knowledge but you might never have heard someone put it the way I do. Our greatest problem is the lack of a cushion to fall back on if we try and fail. That fear is mostly the number one reason we cannot take the cold step, forsake everything we have already and go for what we want.

Dare to risk? What will you fall back on if you fall? Nothing. The society doesn't give you the community to experiment your ideas and that is where Steem blockchain comes in. Steemit is beyond just a blogging site. To me, I see it as a virtual world where you work online, meet people, experiment with virtual ideas but the results you get can be traded and valued in real life. Therefore, Steem offers you the perfect community to test your ideas, a place to start, rise, fall and start again.

Also, Steem has so many platforms build on it that it can be a perfect learning place for anyone, where you learn, share what you have learned with the community and get a honest feedback still earning at the same time. Let me tell you about my friend Ebi named @jingis07 on Steemit.

@jingis07 wanted to be a data analyst but he's never had any training or practice on data analysis and at that time he didn't have the money to pay for his training. When I introduced him to Steemit on January on the same day I registered on Steemit he decided for make a niche for himself as a contributor to Utopian-io as a data analyst. You can see how many times his work was rejected.

But with each rejection comes a new learning opportunity, he got to improve on his skills everyday as his work keeps getting rejected. The Utopian-io moderators offered him their honest feedback which he used to improve his learning experience. And you know the brightest side of the story, hunger wasn't his problem because he was earning little through commenting, contests and other smaller posts he was making on Steemit.

Now, fast forward to seven months later he is still contributing to Utopian-io in the analysis category. He isn't perfect but he's learned more about data analysis in six months on his own that he would have learned at top data training institutions. This is what the Steem blockchain can do to your career.

Let's consider some dreams/passions that have been pitched on the blockchain by Nigerians

  • Air-Clinic - online hospital by @nairadaddy

  • Bankofattat - Blockchain banking by @joshuaattat

  • The Steemcamp event which got us all here by @michaelcj which falls under the blockchain entertainment category.

  • @steemhelpinghands a charity group started by @stevendion and @phunke

And even if you are to consider individuals, you can see a lot of us who are not good bloggers but have a career on the Steem blockchain. I myself cannot sing, dance, write, draw but then I know how to manage/lead communities and today on the Steem blockchain I direct affairs at two communities and advice two more communities.

The Role Of Communities

We all get a meaning from our communities be it church, school, group of friends, or our own village. They give us that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are not alone. They give us the strength to expand our horizon.
They are many such communities on the Steem blockchain. You can check around for different communities that fits your needs. For example we have the WAfrica community which aimed at promoting quality contents and projects from the West African region.

Also, we have the Steemjet community represented here which offers a ground to support your dreams especially in arts and entertainment. There are many others to help you achieve your dreams.

Above all, there's a big problem in Africa. We always adopt any technology when it has already gone far. We prefer the backseat than the drivers seat. We love to be end users of people's product but all these change right now in our generation.
Think beyond just posting, commenting and waiting for upvotes on Steem. Read, learn, watch YouTube videos to understand what the blockchain can do and how best it can be utilized to solve existing problems. We are at the edge of something big, don't be left behind. Whatever your dreams are, there are a thousand and one person on the Steem blockchain ready to support you, bring it on.

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This is huge
It took a whooping 5 minutes to fully grasp these thoughts shared
Truly, we have to pitch our dreams and passion to make waves right here.
Thanks Boss for the tips.
Expect to see me make waves soon.


I want to see the video!

This is wonderful, I was at akwanga edition.lordjames is really doing a great job in Nigeria

Wow, this is lovely.... Am so highly motivated seeing this... Thumbs up boss.

Amazing speech brother@lordjames

As i've always mentioned, Nigeria and other regions from Africa will play a significant role in this development of the blockchain for the Future ... Congrats again brother @lordjames



I'm glad that people like you are taking the opportunity to showcase your talent on thee blockchain.


I'm a humble artist in this vast World ... we'll see what this Renaissance Futuristic Era will bring us my brother @lordjames


WOW great post! i upvoted and resteemed! talking @mcsamm right now!


Hi @lordjames

I was nominated to this musical challenge by a steemian friend @nolasco

I've posted already the 1st day of challenge and on the second one i've challenged you to take part in this and post blogs for 7 days with some of your favourite music albums


Enjoy it

Regards brother @lordjames

Wow man , it is awesome.if we had also a workshop,we can earn more


You can always organized one in your local community,.

Nice post. Great contribution on steemit. Thanks all steemcamp and you.

I put a lot of work into my articles but they're hardly acknowledged or rewarded, and these are pieces I charge consultancy fees for sometimes.

It can be discouraging but am ready to take the long path to my goals. I will succeed on this platform

This is worth 4years at the university ,thanks you for sharing this ,you don't know what you have done to revive some people who has lost hope in steemit .

Hope that one day I will be live in this event ,because learning is not static but dynamic .

Stay blessed .

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He is doing what he knows how to do best, I listened to this uprising role model and leader, truly we have to develop our inner qualities to become great individuals to the society around us. Thanks LordJames

It shows your great passion excellent friend work to follow the success congratulations thank you for sharing with us everything you do greetings

I guess another visionary is born!



Thank you Jeff, you made a lot of this possible.

Brother... You are blessed.. Really you are. This isn't by your might but it seems divine grace has done this. Mehn your hardwork has paid you already.. It will definitely get better. You are slowly getting there RANGO.. Thumbs up for your nice works here on steemit..


"seems divine grace has done this"

I would have to agree.


Thanks @tomgodswill, the Steemit community offered me the tools needed to achieve this, you have the same platform too, I hope you will stand on it to achieve even much more.

was talking about steemit ya my friend, good luck always my friend @lordjames

Great work @lordjames

Great contribution @lordjames

Really a great work done by you sir.
I wanna also want join with you but i am to far.
Thanks for sharing sir.

Fantastic post friend

Steemit in Nigeria is a goal! Nigeria is the biggest adopter of crypto in Africa. Big ups bro
And if there is a program of tihis sort in Ibadan pls let me know.....
We gats connect