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RE: It's time for the voting system to end.

in #steem3 years ago

Before the EIP that group could at least be isolated, and the rest of us could mostly go on with our lives.

So you preferred turning a blind eye to absolute BS over acting against it?
Interesting position.

Two weeks ago I went back to Twitter because it's more fun there than it is here.

So theres no drama on Twitter? No assholes? No conflict? I seriously doubt that.

The post you linked is really nothing unexpected at this time. People get tired of the bear market, their friends can no longer make $$$ so they leave or spend less time on Steem, after some time their communities become smaller and smaller and they are left being more introduced to the wider steem community with all its complexity.
While at one point you could hide in your small part of the community as if on an island the bear market took that away.

So instead of blaming it on your friends leaving and admitting that maybe youre burned out you blame it on something else. You blame it on Steem and make posts like people tend to make when they hit a a certain level of burnout.

Its all basically bullshit. All this boils down is to you or Serena in this case losing her pals that left because the price aint great.
That is the reality of the current situation and trying to blame it on some kind of inherent attribute of the platform is simply dishonest.
Shit was much worse before and all that was blame was human nature, same as now. Nowhere you go will it be different. All you will do is try and convince yourself it is, like youre doing with twitter, which is nonsense ofc.

Anyways... Have fun..


You're right, I should have smacked you down a long time ago. You're an asshole, butterfly. You've always been a colossal asshole. You don't make anything here better, your argumentation consistently makes the positions you advocate look bad, and I can't think of a single time I've ever seen anyone want you around.

You, specifically, would make the whole place better by fucking off.

Haha. Sorry i triggered you.

Its not my job to make you feel better. Its not my job to adhere to your sensibilities.
I share what i think just like i did here. You may not like it, it might make you feel uncomfortable but thats what i think.
If more people said what they think then maybe, just maybe they wouldnt keep it all bottled up, just to be liked and they wouldnt burn out like this.

See, didnt it feel good calling me an asshole? ;)

For the record.. Twitter is more fun than here. 🙂

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