Food, Friends and Steem - Photos From Austin

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Today I’m sitting at a coffee shop waiting for my flight out of Austin. I figured it was a good time to post some of the photos of our adventures from the Global Blockbuilders Conference in Austin I was able to attend.

In my usual slacker fashion, I did not document the whole event very well ... and didn’t even pull my camera out until the last day. But, I was able to capture some of my favorite moments 🙂

To me the thing that makes Steem so special is the people, the community and the incredible bonds and experiences that come from them. It’s what I think makes us unique as well as unstoppable.

While in Austin a few of us steemians rented a large house (which was a first for me and totally out of my comfort zone) and it turned into such an amazing experience. We prepared meals together each night, invited other steemians over and just had amazing conversations.

I did capture a few shots (as well as Andrarchy taking a few) from the last few nights and figured a “Dinner with friends” post was in order.. I hope you enjoy!

(Mass tags of people included below because I’m too tired to label each photo 😂 @aggroed, @steemmatt, @aussieninja, @fredrikaa, @coruscate, @andrarchy, @nateaguila, @robrigo, @maryjaney, @birdinc, @roadscape)















People are the value...

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Aww these photos are amazing!!! Thanks for capturing the moment! ♥️


Thanks love!! It was so wonderful getting to know you two. You both are incredibly kind, down to earth and just amazing individuals. So gals we got to hangout ❤️

Great photos! Your house Looks like a fun hangout spot.
So glad to see Steemians attending Global Block Builders to support Steem.

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Thank you Dave! Thanks for all the hard work that went into the conference and it was amazing to see everyone 🙌🏼

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The shiny teeth club

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Haha! I noticed our teeth looked lovely.. must have been the lighting 😂


I dont get how @coruscate maintains such White teeth with all her Coffee and wine consumption. What is your secret?! ;D cant be just the Light because i have Seen them shine in the dark as well.

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Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Awesome photos! I see lot's of marketing material here.


Hey thanks! Yeah we should really collect pictures from all the meetups and make a montage video for marketing.. good idea 🙌🏼

This platform is amazing. Thanks for the update

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I couldn’t agree more 😉

That must be a great time. To share time with friends, have quality moment and tend to learn new things from them


Thank you!

Smiles because of seeing all the lovely faces.
Sobs because of not being with all the lovely faces.

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sobs internally

Miss your face! ❤️

@llfarms, nice pictures of beautiful Steemians!

Hope you had a lot of fun in Austin.
Come to DTube Forum in May in Barcelona. It will be great as well!

Have a nice flight!

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This is so cool! Seeing all my faves in one place! Thanks for posting this @llfarms :)


Awe thank you!!! It was a great time and so fun hanging with the ladies. ❤️

Great pictures, Justine <3 You look happy ;) Hope you had lots of fun!

These photos are so good! That first one really is super great... but I do have to say I'm a little disappointed the one Andrew took of you on the balcony is missing... I'm sure it was amazing. Thanks for tagging everyone, I honestly only knew the accounts of maybe half the people there last night, so it's awesome to put an internet name to the face.

You were pretty much exactly as I expected you to be... hilarious, amazing at herding people, organised and super lovely. Thanks for adding so much funness to my trip!


Hahaha! He really was taking a video.. there were no photos of me that I just didn’t include from that night 😂

But I haven’t done anything with the 4K video.. I’ll see if I can put it on my computer and condense.

Thank you for the compliments ☺️ finally someone who thinks I’m hilarious!

It was awesome meeting you and I had a blast. Take care of my boyfriend rustle for me.. 😉


Yikes, didn't realize it was 4K! Sorry! 😂

Great photos. Great people. Wish I could have made this one but it’ll make the wait to see you all again that much more special.


We missed you greatly, but I did wear flannel and moccasins in your honor. Can’t wair for next time ❤️


Awww shucks. I’m sure know how to treat a fella. ❤️ Back at ya

Beautiful photos, @llfarms!!!
Looks like everyone had an extraordinary time!!!

Really nice to see you all happy and smiling especially you with all the hassle and stress you must have been having recently.
Take that smile home and remember that your happiness is more important than trying to keep everyone elae happy with your work on Steemit.
You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people, some of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time so don't knock yourself out trying.
Best wishes and thank you :-)

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Thank you for the kind words and advice, It’s something I’m actively working on. ❤️

Wow looking for very excellent scene of all you.and all pictures is very nice. Thank you very much for all of you.


Thank you!

Amazing pics, Justine. Glad you all had a great time hanging out together. Safe travels back home :)


Thank you! We had a great time. Thanks for putting on such a great event. It was wonderful to meet you!