STEEMBLAST with @timcliff: Free Boosterpacks for the First 5 Listeners!

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Let's Make STEEM a Top 20 Coin!

@timcliff plans to help make STEEM a top 20 cryptocurrency - as it should be. Please join me in a LIVE interview with him TODAY where we'll talk about:

  • Why we are not a top 20 currency
  • Why we should be
  • SMT (smart media token) launch in January
  • Long term implications of large investors beefing up our coin value
  • Are we a pyramid scheme, if our success depends on investors
  • How a social media BLAST will draw the masses in


Read about STEEMBLAST in the posts below:

Make STEEM 8 Again!

Free Boosterpacks for the First 5 Listeners


Countdown to Live Interview with @timcliff

Be sure and bookmark the countdown. We will be giving away free Steem Monsters boosterpacks to the first five visitors on the show! Earlybird catches the worm!

Come Check out the Steem Monsters Fan Fiction Show

Steem Monster Show latest episode

@yabapmatt discusses gameplay!

LIVE Video:


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I'll try and be there.


I missed it but she got it recorded ofc xD