What is the minimum amount of Steem Power required to be able to upvote?

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The current  STEEM_VOTE_DUST_THRESHOLD is set to 50000000 or 24.7098 Steem Power. Even if you vote with that much Steem, the post you vote won't get any rewards if it doesn't reach the STEEM_MIN_PAYOUT_SBD. 

The current dust reward threshold is 0.02 SBD (STEEM_MIN_PAYOUT_SBD). I have provided links to the code that sets the dust threshold below:

Steem config file, line 212 sets the threshold amount: 



Steem reward algorithm file, line 44 - 47 sets the dust threshold for rewards:


inline bool is_comment_payout_dust( const price& p, uint64_t steem_payout ){
return to_sbd( p, asset( steem_payout, STEEM_SYMBOL ) ) < STEEM_MIN_PAYOUT_SBD;

So, in layman's terms:

  • You need  24.7098 Steem Power to be able to vote.
  • You need 0.02 SBD payout in your post to earn. 
  • Anything lower than these are dust and will get reset to 0.000.
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You can vote with less, you just need other voters as well before it translates to a payout--- votes below the dust threshold are still added to the net rshares of a discussion, so they can contribute to a payout.


If you have less than 24.7098 SP, your vote might be counted but it won't change the rewards because it is dust. That's my point.

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