Powered up yesterday about +30K of STEEM to support the real witnesses !!! Fight the #tron virus !!!steemCreated with Sketch.

in #steem4 years ago

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If you have STEEM do the same and vote for real witnesses so we eventually kick out the #tron hacker-sock-puppets that are in yellowish corona-like virus color bellow

Screenshot from 20200305 041759.png

Check at https://steemd.com/witnesses and vote for 30 witnesses from spot 1-50 except the corona-yellow-marked disease of blockchain #tron puppets.


Lol corona-like color 😂😂😂

Loving It

I am still trying to believe in what the exchanges did to interfere in our blockchain governance. Shame on them forever.

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Never expected that from binance, honestly!

So emotional. This is business also... Just the future will tell us about that. Trying to get his money back he made this mess. A escalation situation that fucked up everyone by pure fear! fear for both side witnesses top and Justin Sun.

@liondani, First of all i want to appreciate your Loyalty towards Steem Blockchain and in my opinion this showcase how Bullish you are towards the future of Steem.

In a way you converted SPUD X into MEGA SPUD X.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Оу ес ес бро )

Haha Powerful

Nice one keep the pressure on the exchanges they need to feel the heat they should have never stepped in in the first place

Damn!!!! way nice- what an awesome show of support

Show 'em the power of the real witnesses bro! United we stand!

Wow, that!s like eating a small orca! Congratz

Thanks for everything that you've put in. In the past and especially in these troubled times.

Thank you Powered up my friend!!🤗

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