More Conscious TAGS! How WE DO that?

in #steem5 years ago (edited)

And please tag whomever is in charge of these kinds of things! Ty

I would like to see more conscious tags like:


new paradigm

Thank YOU muchly

I LOVE YOU, Lila*Star

@thesource @earthnation @theprism


Man this is Beautiful ! I congratulate you!

TY. I really need new tags to play! I keep picking life love spirituality joy.... though I want something more!

I just saw a new one today "gratefulvibes" made 107 posts .

really! what a niche one to get going? I guess its an algorithm of enough people choosing the tag and how much it earns.

I noticed the tags for the top trending performers change from week to week, I guess it's just a matter of posting a creative tagline that applies to a specific niche, and seeing if others pick it up.

Are the tags categories and vice versa or is there something different I'm missing?

I'm new to all this so the learning curve has made me look like a fool sometimes. I noticed an article on here before that mentioned categories being displayed based on an algorithm involving the value(money being moved) and attention it is getting. Maybe some other stuff too, can't remember now exactly. Might be able to find it in a search.

I will use what you recommended though. I wish I did from the start after seeing them. Good choices.

Like the picture too.

Yeah I really like this idea. Some of my articles would fit perfectly in a tag like consciousness. I used the word "consciousness" several times in my last post but I tagged it under poetry lol. It doesn't fit in that category but there weren't any better options. Anyway, you and I seem to have a similar mindset so followed!

i like it^^ follow you.

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