Operation affected by hardfork 23.

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Dear Steemians,

For those that don't know, likwid is a service that trade it's users tokens that are vested for 13 weeks in exchange of liquid equivalent for a flat % fee.

During the lifetime of the business we have absorbed volatility of a mostly depreciating asset but today we cannot even operate of a STEEM to STEEM basis as likwid account was a target to be de-funded by HF23.

About USD $130,000 worth of our assets was seized and sent to an arbitrary account @community321

Likwid is currently in situation where it cannot access the last 13 weeks worth of crypto assets that were deposited before the fork.

We were able to save a small amount of SBD before the fork but the bulk of the remaining funds are insufficient to pay back all it's users in full. Likwid would therefore be insolvent and will need to seek legal advice on how to move next.

We have sent a direct memo to @bittrex and have contacted Bittrex inc and are waiting to learn more about what will happen to our funds that were sent to them.

List of users affected with pending or incoming rewards:

Thanks for your patience and support in these though times.


Since it was reported to us that curating according to the rule of the system is the most likely reason for the asset seizure we would like to remind all Steem Witnesses and most importantly Steemit that there was never been any ways to use downvotes for self benefits beside indirectly increasing effect of it's upvote by less than a millionth of a %.

We believe downvotes are overall beneficial to Steem as a whole and while it might hurt the feeling of some, that they can only be considered benevolent and not prone to self-enriching like upvotes are.


I think the rewards that are pending on my end are not so big. Consider it settled. I feel and have been very loud about this effing situation Justin caused. If we can help in any way. Please let us know. Like I said. Consider it settled as far as me. Cheers! I wish you good fortune in the wars to come

Thanks for the update @likwid. I hope bittrex gets back with a positive response.

It will a good help, if I get post values which are still due now. Thanks

Yes I also feel the same. I have a 50$ payout and 16$ payout due in a few days.

Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope your likwid business funds gets recovered asap.

I'm looking forward to see what happen , I hope everything will fix soon. I have many pending payouts.

I hope everything will be fixed soon,let's see what happen.. waiting for the next update...

This is really sad. I felt bad seeing @likwid added to the 65 accounts to be affected by the fork I hope you get your funds back ASAP. I hope @bittrex do the right thing.

Great I learn of the project when it comes to an end 🤦‍♂️ shows how much any of us actually browse around the chain 😅

Hola, excelente servicio el prestado por ustedes, entendiendo que paso esta situación inesperada por ustedes y por todos, solo espero que solucionen muy pronto porque mi madre y yo vivimos de lo que generamos en esta plataforma y necesito mi dinero.

Why aren't you paying the next money after your money is stolen ?

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