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RE: Method to the Madness - Vulture Capitalism Comes to the Blockchain

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This is the best explanation of the events I have found so far, @v4vapid, thank you very much. I would like to add just two points:

The Tron smart contract network, with a mission to "decentralized the internet", has been marketed as a competitor to Ethereum.

  1. The idea that one man, TAKING OVER a decentralized platform, is on a mission to “decentralize the internet” is absurd in itself. On that oxymoron he had to be recognized as — let’s say mildly — insincere player.

  2. On the other hand, we will probably learn more on DPoS through this attack than any other theoretical argument could provide.

As soon as I finish a job that I have accepted, I’m gonna write a text about my vision how ideal decentralized platform should look… and then I’ll hope there are some skillful programmers who could read the text and make it true.

Keep up a great work, @v4vapid


LOL, yes!
I also laughed out loud when I read Tron's Mission statement - it's completely absurd when we follow their business strategies - which are anything but decentralized.

I agree, this horrible chapter in Steem's history will probably help to advance DPOS or generate some hybrids that are more resilient than the current iterations.

I'd like to hear your ideas on decentralization - maybe you should enter @theycallmedan's contest - What does decentralization mean to you?

@v4vapid DPoS needs to evolve into REDPOS for better suiting a social blockchain.

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