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RE: (Very) Basic stuff Steem needs to fix: my personal list

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I'm not interested in building a blockchain, and even if I did I don't have the skills required to do so. I'm just a social media user who wants a much better platform than what Steem currently offers. That said, if anyone was building such a platform, I'd be happy to help.


Don't you think these improvements are so obvious? Most of it could have been done if it were possible under time constraints. Still, I am happy with the improvements. In addition, you need to understand that Steem is the first blogging platform and there was nothing that they could have known at the start and it all started as an experiment.
It's good that you have highlighted the issues to the community.

Yeah, I do think they are obvious, but 3.5 years in, it's the same old.

Handled that snarky puppy well 😂

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This flagged comment is pretty hilarious bro @funnyman I wasn't talking about you.. My comment was to the old guy not commen t was made 10 hours before yours..this place is so socially strange

It's simple bro - "Pay Respect to get respect"