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A big concern is this trend of people becoming permanently unemployable. Coal jobs disappearing made people unsatisfied, could it be that the next wave of angry people could be directed at big tech companies (Amazone etc.), who are massively atomizing jobs. No wonder these big tech companies support things like base income. Complex issue.


Agreed. The issue is very complex and the trend is definitely heading in the way of people becoming permanently unemployable. This is why I believe that the idea of "being employed" is going to be re-defined out of necessity.

When I try to think about the future of employment, I can't see a future in which every human - or even say 95% of humans are employed in the traditional sense. Our population continues to grow which adds yet another complexity.

If we imagine that the population stays the same (even though it won't) for the sake of making the example easier then we have to fill 7 billion+ jobs in a world where automation and algorithms can do 90+% of jobs better than humans themselves.

Many consider me an optimist for this, but I believe that the rise of automation and algorithms will act as a means to giving more humans more freedom. Freedom to be creative and focus on art and perosnal passions rather than working for money to buy more stuff..

If we don't need cheap human labour, It must be a different economy with different values. From exploitation to co-ownership for example. Can we have everybody (at least) middle class?

it is inevitable. thats goverment job to relocate them to other industry. or maybe the economy is rich enough for everyone no need to work so much to live.

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