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in steem •  5 months ago

I would like to talk about the cost of coin steem. I consider the value of the coin in the key of interest of players in this asset. If you want to play this game comes, then the coin is growing in value. If there is no one who wants it, the coin does not grow, but it can also fall. This happens because those who have already played enough want to return at least some of their money. After all, he thought that the pyramid under the name of STEEM would grow endlessly.
The new arrivals will carry their money, and the old men will exchange them for their coins. Beginners will work for the oldies, trying to somehow earn a couple of bucks, but it's all useless ... And so having worn out nothing to go. Everything goes on in a circle. As one pyramid builder, who recently burst, said, we are making money out of thin air. They turn into the air ....

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