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jajaja, este vídeo no esta permitidos por su autor a reproducirlo aqui.. que pasoooooooo.

Ned and leesunmoo are the Best!!! Sharing this to +360 of my followers thanks @leesunmoo

thank you for sharing the post

great video

Hmm.. seems I can only watch the video on Youtube -- it says it's blocked for other websites?

너무 감사한데요..
영어도 약하고..
블록체인 지식도 약합니다... ㅠㅠㅠ

유투브에서 시청하라고 나오네요 ㄷ;;;

Great one !
Thanks for sharing @leesunmoo !

리스팀해놓고 저녁에 봐야겠어요

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