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Have you ever asked yourself what is your purpose on this temporal world?
By the way nothing is permanent in this temporal world. Even your body were rot one day. As long as you are still in your mortal body is temporal. This body is not immortal.

Every day you hear of people leaving this world. Have you ever question yourself where do a person goes to once leaving this world.

Let me tell you there are only two worlds in eternity.

  1. World spending eternity with God or
  2. World spending eternity without the presence of God.

While we are still in this world we are given the choice to choose which world do we want to go to?
Remember this is a temporal world and nothing in this world is permanent. On top of that nothing in this world belong to us.

We came to this world empty handed and naked and when we leave this world we can’t bring all our belonging with us. How big your house is you can’t bring into eternity or how many cars you have you can’t bring along with you.
All these belongings are God blessings to you. And God lend it to you for a purpose and reason.

Back to my question “ Whose Glory Are You Living For ?
Are you living for Self-Glory or are you living for Christ’s Glory ?
Let’s ponder on these 2questions so that you won’t make the wrong choice and decision. The decision you make now will determine your future.


  1. You won’t feel boring living in this temporal world.
    In actual fact no time to feel boring because Christ will bless you with HIS wisdom on what you can do for HIS glory.
    Come to a stage you really understand the value of time. And you were treasure every breath of your lives.

  2. You will understand the purpose of living.
    When you place Christ as your first priority you will experience abundant of meaningful lives. You will understand life
    are not for serving money only but come to a stage you know how to make money serve you.

You won’t spend all your time just to accumulate wealth, looking for fame, status and power. All these have no value in eternity.
One day when you stand before God, HE will not asked you how much wealth have you accumulated or how famous and popular are you ?

  1. Invest time for eternity.
    If you are living for Christ’s glory you will want to spend time more wisely.
    For example you want to spend more time in knowing Who Christ is through reading HIS word. You also want to spend
    more time in prayer. You want to spend more time in sharing HIS word with others.

On top of all these you want to spend more time for God and not for the world. Meaning you will spend lesser time in front of the television, social media , going to pub or just linger around without a purpose.

  1. Invest your talents and giftings for eternity.
    If you are living for Christ’s glory you will want to utilize your talents and giftings just for HIS glory. What ever
    achievements you will give all the glory back to HIM and you were not boast of yourself. You were boast of Christ in
    your lives.

  2. Live by faith not by sight.
    If you are living for Christ’s glory you will learn to live by faith not by sight, knowing and acknowledged that Christ is
    the main source of provider.
    Come to a stage you will say “ Enough Is Enough ” to the world. You want to retire from serving the world. And focus
    more time and strength in serving Christ.

Once you have retired you will not go back and continue to serve the world because you know Christ is the main source of provider.

  1. Seek God’s Will.
    If you are living for Christ’s glory you will seek God’s will first. By constantly thinking about the Lord and HIS way of
    living, we will gain insights that will help us make right decisions and live the way God desires. Communicating
    with God allows HIM to counsel us and give us wisdom.


  1. Place the world before you.
    If you are living for self-glory you are placing the world before you and Christ behind you. Everything in your lives are
    all centralized around yourselves. Is all about your world, about you, about me and I. Your conversation is all
    about you , me and I. Nothing about Christ. Christ is not the topic of your discussion. You have thrown Christ out of
    your lives.

You love to boast about your status, fame, power and not boasting about how Christ have blessed you.

  1. Strive for world perfection.
    If you are living for self-glory you are striving for perfection totally rely on your own strength and wisdom. And not on
    Christ wisdom through prayer. In fact prayer is out of your mind.

  2. Invest time, talents and giftings for the world.
    If you are living for self-glory you spent most of your time invest all your time, talents and giftings for the world. If can
    you want to serve the world until your last breath.

You use all your talents and giftings for your own glory through striving for fame, status and popularity which have no value in eternity.

Have no time for God but have more time for world events. Giving lots of excuses concerning things related to God.

  1. Live by sight not by faith.
    If you are living for self-glory you were have doubts about God as the main source of provider. You don’t believe in
    miracle blessings. You place all your trust and hope upon you own shoulder rather than on God.

  2. Feeling boring about life after retirement.
    If you are living for self-glory you easily feel bored and don’t know how to spent your time after retirement. Initially at
    the beginning you were have lots of entertainments and at the same time lots of temptation.

But come to a stage you were feel boring don’t know what to do. Because all your entertainment are based on how to achieve self-glory and self-satisfaction.

All what you do are based on self-centeredness and not Christ-centeredness.
Based on self-centeredness only develop short term happiness but not joy. On the other hand anything that based on Christ-centeredness will develop joy.

In conclusion let us ponder about how we want our lives to be. Don’t wait until when you are on the hospital bed only start to make decision. Now is the choice when you still have the breath.

Time and Tide wait for no man. Life is short and fragile. One moment we are here the next moment in eternity.

There is tomorrow but tomorrow doesn’t promise us. So let make the correct choice. So that you won’t regret in eternity.

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