Crypto Analysis - March 14, 2019

in #steem2 years ago


Hello everyone! Happy Thursday!

Glad to be posting again after a while. I know I haven't been posting regularly lately due to my busy work schedule, fortunately, I got promoted to join my company's sales team which now gives me more time to post and share my thoughts here on Steemit. I really miss doing my daily blogs and I also missed the friends I have on the platform.

Though I haven't been posting my daily crypto analysis I still regularly monitor the prices of BTC, Steem and SBD. I know the price now also motivated me to post again. I am happy to see that the prices are going up again though way back in October Market was above $200B now it is Market Cap: $134,532,928,044 • 24h Vol: $30,144,905,618 • BTC Dominance: 51.2% Steem is now at $0.49 and SBD is at $1.07. I am hoping and praying that Steem and SBD will continuously soar high. I did HODL, still HODLing and hoping for the best for all of us here in the platform!




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