Steem Hard fork is comming hold and buy steem now

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Hardfork20 and SMT Launch soon

Hold steem buy More Steem These events will pump steem to Huge
I am Dam Suree.............

Steem (STEEM) - Velocity Hardfork
Event date: 25.09.2018
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Steem price: $0.71 (1.64 %)
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Steem Velocity Hardfork (i.e. Hardfork 20) is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 25, at 11:00am EST.

Proof link:
Steem STEEM Steem upcoming events:
8 Nov — SteemFest in Kraków
15 Jan — Testnet Release
24 Mar — Mainnet Release
According to my prediction After Hard fork price will shoot upto 1.50$ then after Testnet SMT launch price will be pumped upto 5$ be ready now .....


Hello @lays. I've transferred you 1 STEEM on 2018-09-10, 01:51 so you could vote in a postof mine, but you couldn't do it. Can you please refund my bid or tell me if I should indicate another post so you can vote on?

Here are the screenshots of the transfer performed:




The first screenshot was taken from steemworld, the second one from your wallet and the third one from my wallet.

Please help me asap

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards @aotearoa!

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Really??? I dont believe with hardfork or any upgrade will shoot the price.. unfortunately bitcoin price effective for any alt coin driven to up or down...because all in one blockchain arbitrage system

Let's see if that will make any good price,

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