Minnows and dolphins we have now 1 million dollar steem power available boost your post now

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Boost your Post Now

We are friends Group a community We all lease steem power on rent and paying rent for it .rent of 1 million usd steem power is about 600$ a day . I have many friends we work like team and help minnows to grow their accounts,

Now take a example you ordered 50$ boost pack for 1 post ,i will upvote your post and forward it to 9 other friends to upvote it .

Example you paid 50$ and got upto 85$ on your post and now your post will be rank in top post catagory and if this happen

your post will be in top list and remain on top list for 24 hour .meanwhile million of steem user will see your post and you will get thousands of free upvotes real votes from million of steemians may be you earn upto 500 usd in 24 hour so , there is no risk in it but you must keep some tips  in mind.

  1.  Write rich quality article Specially write what Americans like because 50 percent of steem users are Americans.
  2.  Article should be free of spam and copy paste so avoid any problem by steem team.
  3. buy a boost package send 1 to 50$ with post link in memo.
  4.  wait for my team you will start getting upvotes.

Conclusion :

When your order will be completed you can rest back and enjoy your money So there is no risk if you are good article writer All profit is your It will help us to pay our daily rent for this steem power .


So I just send steem or sbd to @lays with post link in memo?

this sounds interesting how much is each package?

depend on your pocket minimum 1 usd maximum 50 usd order

I must try this ...

so nice @lays ,keep it up as.jpg

If I send 1$ , what might be the return?

This is a scam. Writing quality content, quality comments, consistency, dolphins and whales supporting you is what primarily, gets success on steemit.

Hi brother! Cool note I will try it, just started here! I followed and up voted you! Looking for your up-vote and follow! I got 2 accounts just started to have fun here! Thank you for the tips! @lays https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@danielaiam/hello-steemit-i-am-another-you-a-mother-a-healer-a-creator-a-leader-and-so-much-more

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